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Marvel sets (unopened) wanted on a UK swap for mainly Star Wars stuff (unopened)

monkeyhangermonkeyhanger Member Posts: 2,943
Hi Everyone,

Looking primarily for The Spiderman Ultimate Bridge Battle #76057, but also other Marvel sets, unopened. I've seen it has been as low as £51 quite recently, so I think the fairest way of determining swap equivalent value is to consider my stuff against yours at the lowest price it has been (non-retired). I have plenty of others (I need to find out what I have - but if it is recent Star Wars then do ask. Not looking to sell any of the stuff below at the price indicated, just swap close to like-for like against your "£51" 76057 and/or other marvel sets:-

75105 Millenium Falcon (£67)

75104 Kylo Ren's Shuttle (£67)

75149 Resistance X Wing (£51)

75171 Battle on Scarif (£33)

76060 Dr Strange's Sanctorum (£15)

Most of the constraction figures

I already have Black Panther Pursuit, ghost rider team up, red skull sub and Airport battle.

Something with The Hulk in it would be handy also. Would also consider polybags containing minifigs.

You can PM me or leave me a post here.

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