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Lego US Fulfillment Company Change?

I know that US [email protected] orders have traditionally been fulfilled by PFSweb out of a warehouse in Southaven Mississippi.  However, my last 2 orders have shipped from Romeoville, Illinois.  Not sure if Lego has changed fulfillment companies, but I'm very happy with the change.  My most recent order arrived in less than 24 hours after ordering, and the sets were well packed and arrived with no damage.

I also received an e-mail "shop receipt" (PDF invoice), which is something I have never received before.

Anyone else notice this or have more info on the change?


  • piratemania7piratemania7 New EnglandMember Posts: 2,019
    This happened on my most recent order as well. I kind of thought it was odd and different but looked no further so thanks for bringing this up.
  • oldtodd33oldtodd33 Denver 4800 miles to BillundMember Posts: 2,356
    I never had a problem with the orders coming from Mississippi, so, whatever.
  • gmonkey76gmonkey76 ChicagoMember Posts: 1,381
    I noticed the change with my last order. Wonder if it's a second center, or if they moved.
  • MegtheCatMegtheCat Houston, TXMember Posts: 481
    I didn't get a PDF receipt, but my order of Wed. evening was delivered on Saturday - quite the surprise to see a Fed-Ex truck pull up at my house!
  • HuwHuw Brickset Towers, Hampshire, UKAdministrator Posts: 6,334
    I believe the fulfillment centre has moved.
  • RakulRakul USAMember Posts: 176
    This is great news if true.  Most of my orders from MS took at least 8 days and sometimes more to get here and I was only a few states away.  FedEx SmartPost from IL has always been faster for me in the past.
  • Bricklover18Bricklover18 PA, USAMember Posts: 720
    Mine always ship usps and get here within 3 days 
  • madforLEGOmadforLEGO Chicagoland USMember Posts: 9,172
    edited July 2017
    Fine by me, it is about 20-30 minutes away from where I am at.
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