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Just saying hello for the first time from Tasmania. I've been using this site since March 2016.  I've been building the BMW Motorbike 42063, on page 19 - pic 36, why are the universals like this, because in real life they would break because they are not  aligned. 


    Welcome aboard!  Nice to see another Aussie around.  There are a couple of us floating around here though not too many regulars. Can't provide any input to your question but at a guess I'd say it's simply the easiest way to fit a REPRESENTATION of the mechanical functions inside the available space.  It's actually quite a good idea for a post in the BUILDING thread - you could also post a few more examples (and
    ask other users to post theirs) where represented  technic set functions wouldn't work in real life.  My input - every LEGO helicopter ever made!
  • VintageTechnicVintageTechnic Member Posts: 4
    Hello, thanks for the advice. I'll go to building thread and try.
  • MaffyDMaffyD Member Posts: 3,500
    Hi! Welcome to posting! I know nothing about Technic, BMW or motorbikes. Or Tasmania. But I'm sure our interests will align a bit at some point - I do have a Porsche to build eventually.
  • VintageTechnicVintageTechnic Member Posts: 4
    The 911 GT3 RS,  Yeah, me too when I find time. (and a few others)
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