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WTT (UK) Minifigures, Superheroes, Star Wars, LOTR/HOBBIT + Others - NEW

spearos1spearos1 Member Posts: 17
Hi all,

Long time forum member/lurker, small time poster! This is my first time starting a thread so if I've made a mistake somewhere, feel free to let me know (be gentle).

Listed below is all my surplus Minifigures which I'm offering up for trade. I've only made purchases through the forum before so have a small amount of feedback on here, I'm currently active on both eBay and bricklink under the same username so further feedback can be sourced on them.

Only looking to trade at present, preferably in multiples to keep postage down but open to singles if need be. All figures are Brand New and have been taken straight from sets and placed in grip seal bags, CMF's with packets opened only to identify. Only want to trade for New figures in return and from the UK but possibly EU if it's worth it Postage wise.


Superheroes -

#sh038 Spiderman x5
#sh289 Robin
#sh151 Batman x3
#sh177 Captain America 
#sh186 Black Widow x2
#sh274 Scarlet Spider x2
#sh273 Spider Girl x2
#sh272 Aunt May x2
#sh271 Green Goblin (with glider)
#sh270 Kraven the Hunter
#sh269 Scorpion
#sh172 Hawkeye 
#sh023 Guard 
#sh259 Deadshot 
#sh257 Winter Soldier 
#sh260 Harley Quinn
#sh318 Batman
#sh016a Batman 
#sh077 Superman 
#sh030 Alien Foot Soldier 
#5004928 Kiss Kiss Batman x2
#5004929 Batman Battle Pod
#30603 Classic TV. Mr Freeze

Star Wars -

#sw753 Rowan
#sw754 Zander
#sw755 Kordi
#sw366 Stormtrooper x2
#sw505 Scout Trooper 
#sw671 First Order Crew Member 
#sw695 First Order Stormtrooper 
#sw796 Imperial Death Trooper


#lor001 Gandalf
#lor003 Frodo Baggins 
#lor005 Gollum
#lor035 Legolas
#lor050 Dwalin
#lor088 Gundabad Orc Bald
#lor092 Bard the Bowman 



Flying Warrior 
Animal Control Officer x3
Laser Mech
Shark Suit Guy 

Random -

#col162 Toy Soldier
#scd003 Shaggy

Dimensions (Discs and Builds only, No Minifigures)

#71256 Gremlins
#71241 Ghostbusters
#71238 Doctor Who 
#71233 Ghostbusters
#71258 E.T.

Please contact by PM Only, I Work away for a few days at a time but can get to the Post Office 2-3 times a week, I'll endeavour to reply to everyone ASAP.

Wants list -

Kind Regards.


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