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FS - UK Selling Full Collection

dibbledibble Member Posts: 10
Hi all,

Unfortunately I'm having to sell off the majority of my collection due to needing the funds quite quickly. I don't want to gve them away but will do them cheaper than ebay prices. If there's any you're interested in, just let me know and I'll describe the condition / send pictures. I'm in the north west, so would be happy to meet up somewhere or equally as happy to post. Done quite a few deals on here in the past which have all gone smoothly!

Sets are as follows:

Used The DeLorean Time Machine 21103
Used Simpsons House 71006
Used Ghostbusters Ecto-1 21108
New Sydney Opera House 10234
Used Mini Modulars 10230
Used Balloon Stall 40108
New Tower Bridge 10214
Used Fairground Mixer 10244
Used Haunted House 10228
Used Monster Fighters Zombie Coffin Chauffeur 30200
New Toy Workshop 40106
New Toy Workshop 40106
New Research Institute 21110
Used Mini Cooper 10242
Used Mini Mini Cooper 40109
New Horizon Express 10233
Used Imperial Flagship 10210
New Maersk Train 10219
New VW Camper Van 10220
New Flower Wagon 40140
Used Birds 21301
New Emerald Express 31015
Used VW Camper Van Polybag 40079
Used Emerald Night Train 10194
New Demolition Driller 30312
New Sopwith Camel Polybag 40049
New Minecraft 21102
New Pirates Chess Set 40158
New Hayabusa 21101
Used Movie: Double-Decker Couch  70818
New Exo Suit 21109
Used Ferris Wheel 10247
Used Hot Dog Stand 40078
New Kwik-E-Mart 71016
New Wall-E 21303
New Big Bang Theory 21302
New Doctor Who 21304
Used Maze 21305
New Big Ben 10253
New VW Beetle 10252
New Winter Train 10254
New Caterham Seven 21307
New London Bus 40220
New Yellow Submarine 21306
New Snow Globe 40223
New Pirates Chess Set 40158
New VW Camper Van 10220

Also got every series of the collectible minifigures for sale.
I have all the moduars as well but not quite sure whether I can part with these yet!

Any questions, just give me a shout.



  • jon11380jon11380 Member Posts: 56
    What price are you offering 21302 Big Bang Theory for?
  • theLEGOmantheLEGOman Member Posts: 1,524
    Out of interest, could I get a price on,


    Hayabusa 21101


    Maersk Train 10219


    Wall-E 21303


    Doctor Who 21304


    Caterham Seven 21307

    and where are you located?

  • dibbledibble Member Posts: 10
    All messages replied to. Quite a few sold, I've still got the following left:

    All CMFs except series 2, 7, 9, 10, Olympic. (S8 possibly sold)
    I've got 4 of the minifigure display stands as well. 

    UsedThe DeLorean Time Machine21103
    UsedSimpsons House71006
    UsedGhostbusters Ecto-121108

    UsedMini Modulars10230
    UsedBalloon Stall40108

    UsedFairground Mixer10244
    UsedHaunted House10228
    UsedMonster Fighters Zombie Coffin Chauffeur30200
    NewToy Workshop40106
    NewToy Workshop40106

    UsedMini Cooper10242
    UsedMini Mini Cooper40109

    UsedImperial Flagship10210
    NewMaersk Train10219
    NewVW Camper Van10220
    NewFlower Wagon40140
    NewEmerald Express31015
    NewVW Camper Van Polybag40079
    UsedEmerald Night Train10194
    NewDemolition Driller30312
    NewSopwith Camel Polybag40049
    NewPirates Chess Set40158

    UsedMovie: Double-Decker Couch 70818
    NewExo Suit21109
    UsedFerris Wheel10247
    UsedHot Dog Stand40078

    UsedBig Bang Theory21302

    NewVW Beetle10252
    NewWinter Train10254
    NewCaterham Seven21307
    NewLondon Bus40220
    NewYellow Submarine21306

    NewPirates Chess Set40158
    NewVW Camper Van10220

    Thanks for looking!

  • MattDawsonMattDawson Member Posts: 1,492
    What price is the Maersk train?
  • SeanTheCollectorSeanTheCollector Member Posts: 765
    What price is #40079 Mini VW T1 Camper Van?
  • keithsimpsonkeithsimpson Member Posts: 71
    What price is 10244 Fairground Mixer?
  • legomentallegomental Member Posts: 371
    Interested in pirates chess set, fairground mixer and haunted house if you can give me prices thanks
  • dibbledibble Member Posts: 10
    All messages replied to, sold quite a few now. Feel free to make me offers, especially if it's cash on collection (I'm in the North West)! Still got the following:

    CMF S1, S3, S4, S6, S11, S14, Lego Movie, Disney and DFB.

    Used     The DeLorean Time Machine       21103

    Used     Simpsons House               71006

    Used     Ghostbusters Ecto-1       21108

    Used     Mini Modulars   10230

    Used     Balloon Stall        40108

    Used     Fairground Mixer             10244

    New      Toy Workshop   40106

    New      Toy Workshop   40106

    Used     Mini Cooper       10242

    Used     Mini Mini Cooper             40109

    Used     Imperial Flagship              10210

    New      Maersk Train      10219

    New      VW Camper Van               10220

    New      Flower Wagon   40140

    Used     Birds      21301

    New      Emerald Express               31015

    New      VW Camper Van Polybag              40079

    Used     Emerald Night Train        10194

    New      Demolition Driller             30312

    New      Sopwith Camel Polybag 40049

    New      Minecraft            21102

    New      Pirates Chess Set              40158

    Used     Movie: Double-Decker Couch     70818

    New      Exo Suit 21109

    Used     Ferris Wheel      10247

    Used     Hot Dog Stand   40078

    Used     Big Bang Theory               21302

    New      VW Beetle          10252

    New      Winter Train       10254

    New      Caterham Seven               21307

    New      London Bus         40220

    New      Yellow Submarine            21306

    New      Pirates Chess Set              40158

    New      VW Camper Van               10220

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