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Brickset Bonus Ball - Twisty Treat Third Times a charm.

bendybadgerbendybadger ::1Member Posts: 1,141
Tempus Fugit,

Greetings all,  Herr is the usual weekly bonusball.  I am sure you all know and love the main part by now.  Answer the question get a number, wait for the lottery and if your post number is the lottery ball you win.  

Now the Twisty part.  @vizzitor came up with a great idea I think that we will try this week.

Your post is simply the answer to question that only you know what the question is.

Vizzitor explains - 

I was thinking something along the lines of Jeopardy might work. So for the first part, people suggest an answer to a question, any question. Then in the second part, after the winner is chosen, everyone then has to suggest what the question should be. It's still based on what number the bonus ball is for both parts but there's the potential for some amusing or smart questions...possibly.

Just say the bonus ball came out and the post number 42 this week was "SumoLego" for example. Once @bendybadger announced the first round winner, anyone can chime in with questions with the answer of "sausages":

Who is always self defined as "a bit of a gas bag"?
Who won the bonusball last week?
Who's favourite set is "Contruct A Zurg" ?

So come up with the answer to a question and once I announce the winner you simply post what you think the orginal posters question actually was.  The winner of the twisty section will then be officiated by the Winner of the bonusball.

Prizes will be given and from now I thought it could be fun to also randomly have "amusing" prizes as well as the normal winning fare.

Good luck all and hope y'all understand and let the mischief and mayhem begin!



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