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LEGO Enthusiast Population Worldwide

davee123davee123 USAMember Posts: 844
So, I just realized after watching a presentation from BrickFest Japan that LEGO had updated member counts which I hadn't seen.  Specifically:

Asia: 37 RLUGs in 10 countries with 314,162 members
EMEA/Pacific: 118 RLUGs in 32 countries with 65,978 members
Americas: 95 RLUGs in 7 countries with 6,302 members

Back in 2012, they had reported numbers that we had to extrapolate based on percentages:

Asia: 3 RLUGs with 101,400 members
Europe: 48 RLUGs with 23,400 members
North America: 109 RLUGs with 5,200 members

I'm ... guessing that the regions probably line up, but maybe not? I'm guessing the 2012 "North America" numbers were really "Americas".  Not sure about Europe vs. EMEA/Pacific (did 2012 include Australia in "Europe" for instance?)

So, interestingly:
Asia: 210% growth in members, 1133% growth in LUGs
Europe: 182% growth in members, 146% growth in LUGs
Americas: 21% growth in members, 13% decline in LUGs

I'd love to see the Asia clubs broken out individually, since they seem out-of-whack.  I've heard that the South Korean LUG and/or LUGs have huge numbers of "memberships", although they may not all be LEGO buyers as much as "people who think LEGO is cool" (I'm not really sure).

The decline in LUGs in North America is likely due to the slightly bumped up requirements for being an RLUG.  Many LUGs in the US have very small memberships compared to those in Europe, and they were close to the cutoff.  (I've heard it rumored that LEGO really wishes that the US-based LUGs were larger and less disparate, to reduce the number of groups they deal with)

Has LEGO released these stats anywhere in-between 2012 and today?

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