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Best Spot To Show Photos of Collection/MOC's

danstraindepotdanstraindepot Member Posts: 172
edited December 2011 in Photography/Video
Hello Everyone.
We are fairly new to the forum, but we have been building away for a while now. We would like to start listing photos of our Collection/City/Train Layout/MOC's. But I would prefer to do so just once at the best spot, likely to get the most views. Any suggestions?


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  • akunthitaakunthita Member Posts: 1,038
    edited December 2011
    Dan, there are threee main places LEGO fans post their photos: Brickshelf, MOCpages and Flickr. was the original LEGO fan photo sharing site, but is is pretty dead now due the archaic interface, no way to contact the persons showing their photos, no way to interact between members, etc. I would not recommend Brickshelf for anything more that storing photos, like you would in a folder. is specifically for LEGO fans. It is a great site, but one downside is that it is overrun by kiddies. Also, sometimes the site goes down and you may loose your photos. But plenty of established LEGO fans share their photos here. by far the best LEGO photo sharing site. Flickr is not only for LEGO fans, but the site has tons of LEGO groups, some with thousands of members. The interface is excellent and easy to use! It is also very easy to interact with both the photos and the owner of the photos. You will get the most views here by far. Also, if you join some of the LEGO related groups you will get lots of visitors and start to get known in the community. Downside is that only storing 200 photos is free, after that you will need to get a PRO account. But the site is totally reliable, very fast, and they will not loose your photos! Flickr is run by Yahoo, and you will need a Yahoo account to post pictures. If you want to post only on one site, this is the one!...(c:
  • danstraindepotdanstraindepot Member Posts: 172
    Thanks a lot, I greatly appreciate the advice!
  • TechnicNickTechnicNick Member Posts: 279
    Flickr is very good indeed but a quick word in praise of MOCpages - yes it does have it's share of kiddies (let's not forget that Lego is their toy, after all) but it provides a better platform for giving a narrative to your build and the people are very friendly.
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