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Sons Lego YouTube Giveaway

Hello all,

My son (5 years old) wanted to start his own YouTube Channel. After being hesitant for awhile, I finally caved in. He loves toys, but he LOVES Lego's. He just posted his first video (Go easy) and is also giving away 1 Jakku Quadjumper to a Subscriber. Rules are posted in the summary section of the video. Please support by liking, Subscribing, and commenting. Videos will get better and we hope to do this every week or so with a give away with whatever he shows.

Thank you.

Mods if this is not allowed I apologise in advance.


  • abhaiyatabhaiyat Member Posts: 13
    edited June 2017
    Second Video Give Away is now up. Scout Trooper and Speeder Bike. Check it out. Also less then 1 week left for the Jakku Quadjumper give away. Thanks for the support.
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