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[UK] Trade: Series 17 CMF's

magrimagri UKMember Posts: 154
edited May 2017 in Marketplace


I'm looking to trade for the following:

Series 17 CMF's:

Professional Surfer


Retro Spaceman 

Rocket Boy

Elf Girl

Want to trade for new, but out of packet is fine.

I have:

(All are new, either put into a ziplock bag with their leaflets or in original packaging with the top snipped open)

Series 17 CMF's:

Circus Strong Man

Corn Cob Guy

LEGO Batman Movie

Vacation Batman

Dick Grayson x 2


King Tut

Series 16

Penguin Boy x 2

Desert Warrior




Series 15

Jewel Thief


Flying Warrior x2

Clumsy Guy

Series 14 (Monsters)

Fly Monster x2

Wacky Witch

Monster Rocker

Square Foot x2

Simpsons Series 2


Simpson Series 1

Marge x3

Series 13

Alien Trooper x2


Wizard x3



Hot Dog Man

Series 12

Wizard x2

Video Game Guy

Dino Tracker x3

Rock Star

Series 10

Baseball Fielder

Series 9

Alien Avenger



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