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FS (US) - Large Minifigure Collection over 1400 figures, accessories & more

jnorlundjnorlund Member Posts: 32
For sale - a very large Lego minifigure collection. This would be a great add-on or starter to a store or just impress your friends.  Everything is genuine Lego brand. It includes the following, about 21 pounds of stuff. Asking $2675 shipped in the USA insured. Firm on price.

-Just over 400 identified (294 different, mostly licensed) minfigures (most complete) - easily worth over $2k+ alone

-1038 "other" minifigures from city, castle, ninjago, chima, & misc

-41 SW Episode 1 Droids

-Marvel Giant Man figure without body stickers.

-A whole bunch of minifigure accessories including weapons/held items, animals, hair, hats, neckwear & more.

-Dozens of incomplete minifigures from licenses like Star Wars, Super Heros & Harry Potter

-Dragons, Horses and some other animals. A few dozen heads too.

-Wheels and misc unique bricks.

Lots of pics here. List of the identified figures in BL wantlist form attached to the post.


  • jnorlundjnorlund Member Posts: 32
    Sold the "other" minifigures from this lot. Take everything else for $1850 shipped.
  • jnorlundjnorlund Member Posts: 32
    Sold the accessories lot.  All figures and partials forvonly $1700 shipped.
  • jnorlundjnorlund Member Posts: 32
    Now $1670 shipped for everything. Partials are like worth over $100 alone as well. Would consider trades but not for Lego. 438 identified figures mostly licensed, mostly complete, some with extras. Giant man figure plus dozens of licensed partial figures. Some missing only a hat or hair, other with more like legs, etc. Great deal for parting out.
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