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Monochrome buckets?

GmanGman AlaskaMember Posts: 77
edited May 2017 in Everything else LEGO
Would monochrome buckets be a good idea? I'm tired of buckets that only come with four of each color and type of brick. And there's no lego store in AK yet so the only way to do "pick a brick" is online for now.

would anyone else besides me like to see monochrome brick buckets?
they would be handy for castle building and or city building in my opinion.


  • CurvedRoadPlateCurvedRoadPlate Member Posts: 257
    I would buy a bucket that was a mix of gray and black bricks. That would be so handy for castles or moon bases
  • GmanGman AlaskaMember Posts: 77
    It would be funny if with every monochrome bucket it included a faceless monochrome figure. That would either excite the monochrome fig collectors. Or it would upset them because their hunting for pieces was all for nothing, lol
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