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Bought a 4 pound bag of old legos. Wondering if they are anything speical?

bobotechbobotech spokane, wa, usaMember Posts: 25
I don't think they are anything other than a nice big bag of classic older legos but I still wonder if they are usable trade fodder.  11 10x20 baseplates with what seem to be normal logos and about 4 pounds of random square and rectangle bricks that have a mix of older logo (the fatter font with the ring) and the newer logo.  I also got a bunch of those old Samonsite gear wheels.  I will take pics of it later.  



  • bobotechbobotech spokane, wa, usaMember Posts: 25
  • bobotechbobotech spokane, wa, usaMember Posts: 25
    Thank you for the info!!!  Well then I will just hang onto the lot.  I haven't cleaned them yet or really gone though them but they all seem to have Pat Pending on the underside.  They aren't in perfect shape by any means but they are kind of nice to have if only because they are some of my oldest Legos that I now have in my possession.  I just didn't know if old bricks were collectible or not.  Sounds like not unless they are in perfect shape or unusual.  I will look for the odd stamping ones.  I paid 24 dollars for the 4.5 pound lot of them.  I know, I probably overpaid but I'm not going to worry about it.  The only really odd one is a 1x6 that says KIOSK on it.  

  • stluxstlux LuxembourgMember Posts: 2,129
    @bobotech That KIOS brick is probably this one (or one of the related ones):{"color":1}

    As @Istokg highlighted, seems to be only worth something if in new condition, and it comes with the rest of the set including the box.
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