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FS (US) 10218 Pet Shop in sealed box - local pickup in Dover DE

spark_bearsspark_bears DE, USAMember Posts: 3
Hello! I'm selling my sealed copy of 10218 Pet Shop. Unfortunately, it's so large that I really don't want to ship it. I'd like to find someone in the Delaware/Maryland area who could meet me in Dover. I apologize that this probably cuts out 99.999999% of potential buyers. 
  • The back of the box has a crease and some indentations on the upper middle - this is somewhat visible in the 2nd picture. May have wear around the edges.
  • Price is $155.00. I know PayPal is the reigning method of payment here, but since this would be an in-person transaction somewhere public, and can not be backed up by any kind of shipping record, I am asking for cash.
  • I have only just signed up on the Brickset forum, but I've been selling LEGO on eBay on and off for about 5 years. My username on eBay is "lego_user", please have a look at my feedback here.
  • If I were to ship it, I would need the buyer to pay the exact price of shipping, which might be prohibitively expensive. I normally use USPS Priority Mail, but I am open to exploring FedEx and UPS as options as well. We would use PayPal, and the buyer would have to spend more money to cover the PayPal fee.The set weighs approximately 7 pounds, but the size of the shipping box will likely raise the price. 
Again, I'm sorry for the limited area of sale, and for the grainy, awful cellphone pictures below. If you have any questions, please send them my way!


  • spark_bearsspark_bears DE, USAMember Posts: 3

    8 weeks later, it's been sold.
    In the eBay description I said "buyer pays shipping" but I didn't pay enough attention, because the shipping section said "free shipping"... I am displeased with myself.
    If this thread needs to be deleted, please go right ahead, or if I need to tell a mod to delete it, let me know. Thanks!
  • SumoLegoSumoLego New YorkMember Posts: 14,211
    @CapnRex101; @drdavewatford; @kiki180703

    Close it up!  (At your convienence, of course.)
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