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Hello from England

ateagueateague Member Posts: 171
Hello all. I have been a member of the Brickset site for just over a year now and thought I would venture onto the forum. I was big into Lego when I was a boy of around 8 years old for a good few years until other interested took over. Now I am an AFOL father of three! My three year old boy is also Lego nuts which is amazing.

I was bitten by the Lego big about a year ago after seeing the Simpsons House and haven't looked back since. I own own a few sets (not as many as I would like, although my wallet and wife wouldn't agree). My favourites to date are; Disney Castle, Tower of Orthanc, Wall-E, Parisian Restaurant and An Unexpected Gathering. Come to think of it all the sets I currently own are all great in their own right, maybe that's why I am so infatuated with Lego! 

I have just just dipped my toes into Star Wars, purchasing the Snowspeeder and feel this may be a slippery slope, especially with (possible) a very expensive UCS on the way. Also have the Saturn V and Fishing Hut Ideas set firmly on the day one purchase list. 

Anyway enough rambling, hello all...


  • GothamConstructionCoGothamConstructionCo Member Posts: 801
    Hi and welcome to the forum @ateague.

    Your story sounds very familiar. 

    Try not to dip your toe too deep into the Star Wars theme, you are standing on the edge of an abyss of which there is no return ;o)
  • theLEGOmantheLEGOman Member Posts: 1,524
    Welcome to Brickset.
  • MaffyDMaffyD Member Posts: 3,500
    Hello, welcome - the SW theme is less a slope, and more of a sheer drop, but I reckon you'll become familiar with that as you carry on!
  • Addicted2OxygenAddicted2Oxygen Member Posts: 467
    Welcome. Yes SW is a precipitous but enjoyable drop. The bigger issue is moving from being interested in one or two themes into more and more and more.....
  •  Greetings! Wow, it seems you only have awesome sets!
     Honestly, the closest I have been to a SW set is a week ago when I saw an assembled U-Wing at some store. Might eventually fall down that slope though, everybody does.
     You're gonna need lots of shelves!
     Good luck! MTFBWY!
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