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Selling 35 polybags $160. List inside.

ndisgizendisgize Member Posts: 21

I am trying to sell off some extra polybags. 35 total, mixed themes. I thought I would try here before I put them on Ebay. I sell on Ebay under the name bricksetc (Bricks, Etc) with a 100% feedback with over 500 ratings. I am looking for $160…that’s 4 dollars a bag and shipping. I have a couple hundred extra polybags, just trying to clear some room out. I have more of almost all of these if need be. Feel free to message me if interested. Paypal only.

30522 Batman in the Phantom Zone

30349 Sports Car x5

30205 Pop Star x5

Frax’s Phoenix Flyer x2

30278 Poe X-wing

30227 Police Chase

30203 Mini Golf

30115 Jungle Boat

5002125 Electro x2

5002144 Ninjago x2

30313 Garbage Truck

5994 Knights Kingdom Catapult x4

30202 Smoothie Stand

30311 Swamp Copter

40032 Witch

8028 Tie Fighter

30275 Tie Advanced

30274 AT-DP

30303 Joker Bumper Car

30270 Krangs Target Practice (TMNT)

30347 Fire Car

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As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.