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[FT] [US] Trading SW, CMFs, Polybags, Other

JasterMereel42JasterMereel42 Member Posts: 5
edited April 2017 in Marketplace
Hi, everyone.  This is my 2nd time trading here, but I've been trading over on reddit for awhile now and have 25+ trades over there with proof.  If I violate any kind of rules over here, let me know and I'll definitely make amends.

Please forgive me as I adjust to the new syntax/format over here as well as the different rules.  I like to do at least a 2-for-2 trade to make it more efficient with shipping, but not a hard and fast rule.  I also use USPS First Class which is about $2.67 per package.  US trades only, please.


Imgur album of everything available

Polybags & Sets

30447 Captain America's Motorcycle

30447 Captain America's Motorcycle

30422 Kai's Mini Dragon

30422 Kai's Mini Dragon

5004408 Rebel A-Wing Pilot

5004406 First Order General

75126 First Order Snowspeeder

5004468 Iconic Easter Minifig

Star Wars Minifigs

sw667 First Order Stormtrrooper (TR-8R)

sw667 First Order Stormtrooper w/ gun

sw694 First Order Crew Member

sw694 First Order Crew Member

sw671 First Order Crew Member

sw317 Anakin Skywalker

sw452 Ahsoka Tano

sw085a Princess Leia (Jabba Slave, Light Flesh)

sw714 Han Solo

87561pb01 Han Solo in Carbonite

Other Minifigs

71013-15 Banana Guy - sealed (S16 CMF)

71011-14 Wrestling Champion (S15 CMF)

sh056 Nick Fury

sh304 Tartan Batman

blue skateboard

black motorcycle

Other Sets

75018 JEK-14's Stealth Starfighter, used, no minifigs, with instructions

6205 V-Wing Fighter, used, complete, no instructions


CMF Wanted List

Minifig Wanted List

Priorities are below:

sw406 Oola

sw469 Stass Allie

8804-13: Hazmat Guy (S04)

Mandalorian/Boba Fett variants on my wanted list

Iron Man/Avengers variants on my wanted list

Stormtrooper/clone trooper variants on my wanted list

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