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Mark, 58, wheelchair tech in real life. AFOL, also interested in a lot of other stuff like magic, reptiles, knots, art, and cooking. Have been slowly getting into LEGO without having been involved much as a child in the 60s (family could not afford them very often). Big move took place when a.) I realized how useful LEGO would be for adults with a variety of disabilities (easier and more forgiving than plastic models, can be rebuilt by other clients, wide variety of variations (Pinecar-like LEGO car racing, etc.)) and b.) my daughters boyfriend left me in charge of his moderately extensive collection when they moved way out of state.

Just finished the big Mercedes Benz Arocs truck, and am working on several small projects-
- MOC of Calvin and Hobbes (going to try to modify the Tiger Woman minifig from Series 14 as Hobbes' body, and resculpt a Werewolf minifig head as Hobbes' head.) I figure the spiky yellow hair and a tan face will work for Calvin, on top of a fairly generic stripped torso and short legs.
- A project in which minifigs of Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, and Roosevelt go on adventures- Crossing the Deleware re-enactment, visiting the (LEGO) Statue of Liberty, a cook out, etc.
- A moderately large vet clinic, back yard, and house layout for my grandkids to play with. We used the initial backyard set up to hide jelly beans in for Easter.

My next purchases are probably going to be 'iconic vehicles'- Yellow Submarine, Scooby van, Batmobile, Indy cycle and sidecar...



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    Welcome to the forum!
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    Hello! Welcome to the forum. That boyfriend must trust you quite a lot to leave the Lego with you!
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    Thanks! It was probably just as much him getting tired of it as anything. A lot of the sets are incomplete, missing instructions, etc. He once said he'd let me know what sets to pack up and ship out, but hasn't really followed up on that.

    MaffyD said:

    Hello! Welcome to the forum. That boyfriend must trust you quite a lot to leave the Lego with you!

    Madkins probably hasn't told him about his plans to start carving up minifig heads!
    Seriously though - if someone left me I charge of their collection they were starting to get bored with - I probably wouldn't mention said collection in the presence again until they did!
      I like your thinking on LEGO's usefulness to people with disabilities.  There's even a thread on here where someone has come up with a method for blind people to effectively build!
    Hi from Australia and welcome aboard! 
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    LOL! I haven't even bought the werewolf head to carve. I treat HIS kits pretty well, slowly trying to rebuild and bag as many of them as I can, both to help me inventory the collection and to be ready should he decide he wants them... although I am thinking that I need to give him a deadline to at least reserve what kits he still may want. 

    I'll have to look for the thread. Isn't 'blind building' or 'building in a bag' already a game played at a lot of events? I've got a couple blind clients that might be interested in something like this.

    One of my less realistic work goals is to have them build a Lego train set, then have clients build and rebuild the buildings and other things around the set. 

    As I type this... I wonder if there would be a way to make a cost-effective Lego racetrack? It would be a ton of fun for clients to battle it out with comparatively slow but responsive race cars.
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    Re-reading my initial post, I should have clarified that the collections I inherited are all a few years old or older, and the Arocs and a lot of other kits are what I have bought since then.
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    Welcome to the forum!
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