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UK: CMFs trades – TLBM wanted, various series available

struddiestruddie UKMember Posts: 87

I'm trying to complete my LEGO Batman Movie collection. I need:

- Vacation Batman
- Orca
- Catman
- Calculator
- King Tut

I have these available for trade:

Batman Movie:
- Commissioner Gordon x 3
- Barbara Gordon
- Zodia Master x 2
- Clan of the Cave Batman x 4
- Mime x 2

Series 16:
- Cyborg x 3
- Dog Show Winner
- Desert Warrior x 3
- Spooky Boy x 2

- Mr Incredible x 3
- Syndrome x3

Series 15:
- Frightening Knight 
- Frightening Knight 
- Jewel Thief 
- Jewel Thief 
- Flying Warrior
- Kendo Fighter

Series 14:
- Fly Monster
- Plant Monster
- Banshee

The Simpsons Series 2:
- Maggie
- Groundskeeper Willie

Series 13:
- Galaxy Trooper
- Palaeontologist
- Snake Charmer
- Sheriff
- Goblin

Series 12:
- Dino Tracker

Series 11:
- Welder

Series 10:
- Sky Diver 

- TLR001 - Lone Ranger x 2

All of mine are new, but have been opened to check contents. I'd looking for the same in return.

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