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10179 - What's it really worth?

ButchaButcha New ZealandMember Posts: 45
So I currently have a 10179 Falcon sitting around, sealed in bags (the box has significant wear, was opened to check condition), but I am having a hard time figuring out how to best sell. While rumours about a new set have been around for years, I don't want to be caught out with the current rumours, so am keen to pass it on to someone who actually wants it (I sold my personal used one years back).

The trick is how to sell. eBay seems full of nutters and has very high fees, and bricklink seems to be slow moving.
Initially I was planning to trade it, but that idea flopped.

How would you pitch it? What is it worth?  Anyone here in the market for a sealed but not mint UCS Falcon?

Cheers :)


  • BillyBricks84BillyBricks84 United StatesMember Posts: 344
    If you aren't liking those other sites, you may just want to post some images here and give a price you want and see what happens. I would love to get my hands on one of these, but I can't afford what they go for on eBay, etc. so unless you are looking to dump it cheaply (Pick me! Pick me!), I can't give you a valuation on it any better than what you would find on BL or eBay for the most recently sold ones. Good luck!
  • bobabricksbobabricks Vancouver, BC, CanadaMember Posts: 1,839
    Stick a 2017 sticker on there and say it's an early release.
  • Pitfall69Pitfall69 0 miles to Legoboy's houseMember Posts: 11,374
    I had one in the same condition; box was opened and had plenty of shelf wear, but everything insude was still sealed. I sold mine for $2,600 USD through PayPal and the buyer paid for shipping and insurance. You can start at that price here in the forum or you can throw it on Ebay for about $3,000 or so.
  • ToddMyersToddMyers Cincinnati, OHMember Posts: 403
    I sold mine about 18 months ago for $3,000 -- it had been built once from sealed and the instructions, applied stickers and first edition box were in great condition.  The only thing missing was the original letter that came with the set when it was originally ordered from LEGO.
  • TyresOFlahertyTyresOFlaherty USAMember Posts: 340
    @Butcha If you want, you can just send it to me so I can properly assess its value for you.

    Always looking to help out, that's the kind of guy I am :)
  • FollowsCloselyFollowsClosely Member Posts: 949
    I just sold sealed no box for $2,300 shipped.
  • ButchaButcha New ZealandMember Posts: 45
    Thanks for the opinions folks. I did guess there wasn't any magic to it, but figured there was no harm in asking. 
    I decided to list on Bricklink at mid-market price and drop my price every few days until it sold - and it finally sold yesterday. Glad to have the space and cash back :)
  • redarmyredarmy AberdeenMember Posts: 711
    ^ WHAT! mean your not going to tell the nosey ba*#@^ds among us how much for? :-D
    Likely to be the one New Zealand sale @4800 NZD (just under 3400 USD).  Just spitballing mind you but there wouldn't be too many 10179's floating around the shaky isles.
  • Legopassion8Legopassion8 North CarolinaMember Posts: 1,180
    ^yea. What this crazy sumb!Tch said
  • ButchaButcha New ZealandMember Posts: 45
    Heh, well done on the stalking. Thats right. A little more than I might have expected given the discussion above, but they were serious and paid the same day so I'm happy. 
    If it was bought locally - I can see any premium you received easily making up for the cost, guarantee of condition and stress of waiting a week or two for it to safely arrive through customs from the other side of the planet.  Congrats!
  • sirrich69sirrich69 Member Posts: 455

    Well done that is a very good price.

    What commission do you charge if I send mine over to you to sell??
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