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UK Trade - Large lot of Lego City

TheFewTheFew Member Posts: 1,781
Hi all,

I have the below selection of Lego city sets that are up for trade.

The models are all in great condition, and it looks like their previous owner built them and stored them. The bricks are bright and clean and the models look visually complete (but I have not stripped each one done to check the parts, so their may be the odd missing part here and there). There are not boxes and some of the instructions are missing. However this is a lot of Lego and a lot of minifigures. Given the amount of law enforcement here, they can bring calm and control to any Lego city!

The sets on offer are:

#7241 Fire Car
#3222 Helicopter and Limousine
#3177 Small Car
#7630 Front End Loader
#60002 Fire Truck
#3179 Repair Truck
#7639 Camper
#8402 Sports Car
#30014 Police Helicopter polybag
#4431 Ambulance
#60001 Fire Chief Car
#30012 Mini Airplane Poly Bag (two of)
#30011 Police Dingy Polybag
#4435 Car and Caravan
#7235 Police Motorcycle
#7285 Police Dog Unit
#7236 Police Car
#7741 Police Helicopter
#7743 Police Command Centre
#7286 Prisoner Transport
#7288 Mobile Police Unit
#3180 Tank Truck
#3181 Passenger Plane
#7245 Prisoner Transport
#7279 Police Minifigure Collection

I am hoping to trade these for some of the minifigures that I need to complete my collection. My wants are below:

Wants and

I also have other items in a different trade thread that can be added to any deal.

Looking at Bricklink average sold prices and factoring for the lack of boxes I would value this lot are around £150 - £200 in trade value.

Lets do a deal! Otherwise it's off to fleabay!



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