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Good Morning from London! I'm Bosco.

iboscoibosco SE LondonMember Posts: 6
I've finally got round to joining the site and looking around the forum properly.
I'm a big Lego fan and currently only really collect (and build) the modulars and anything that can fit with that such as the Speed Champions cars and 9V trains. I've loved Lego from a young age, but only in the last 5 years have I found the time and money to support my hobby of collecting and building again. The joy of growing up and buying a house with a spare room helped too... Sadly I am not free building much, but I hope joining here, will inspire me to free build more and show my creations.
My other passions are Driving/Cars and general modelling with Tamiya and Hornby distracting me from Lego in equal proportions.
I can't wait to get some pictures up! I currently find that I love looking at my lego 'street' can creating 'street' photography as I am a Photographer by trade.

Thanks for reading.


  • redarmyredarmy AberdeenMember Posts: 734
    Fit like? (doric for how are you) and welcome..Tamiya...those 1/350 Battlleships were the only things that annoyed the wife more than lego...:-)
  • bookmumbookmum londonMember Posts: 1,393
    Hi! I'm SE London too! 
  • bookmumbookmum londonMember Posts: 1,393
    Hi again. There was more to my post that seemed to disappear... anyway I said that I'm the lego fan in my house and my hubby does model making. He is currently doing a bentley blower from revell. 
  • iboscoibosco SE LondonMember Posts: 6
    Evening all, thanks for the greetings. The Tamiya 1/10th i find is easier to work on for me. I'm not terribly patient with the smaller items. I find the finished product of those static models very impressive.
    Luckily my fiancé also likes Lego. I think I know I'm into it more, but I can justify sets if it buy it 'for' her haha. The Disney castle is a good example.
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