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From LDD to Unreal Engine

I've recently been playing around with rendering using Mecabricks and I stumbled upon importing models into Unreal engine.

I decided to take my Lego Ideas Lighthouse of Alexandria project and import it into an ocean scene. Here's the results:

Unfortunately I wasn't able to manage the same photorealism of the bricks as can be achieved with Blender (or even POV-Ray or Bluerender) However, I can take screenshots in realtime with absolutely no rendering time. I used it to compile a neat gif of the model.

Basically, I imported from LDD to Mecabricks, then exported as a .dae file. From there I imported into Blender and ran the script provided by Scrubs over at Mecabricks. From there I exported from Blender and imported into an Unreal Engine scene. Pretty neat!



  • plasmodiumplasmodium UKMember Posts: 1,956
    That's really cool. I can only imagine the possibilities for that!
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