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Park Design - model in Lego- vote to make it happen!

Fellow Bricksetters, 

A competition to design a park on Ponsonby Rd in Auckland is days away from closing. There are 11 designs and only one is 100% Lego. It's at-

Voting is simple- fill in the number of your preferred design, give name and email, tick "do not contact" and scroll right down down down to the blue "Done" button. 

7 might be a good one... ;-

The Council will build the winner, let's make it interesting...

(Photos and Description text in the survey thingy)

Ta muchly, Geoff


  • BrickfingerBrickfinger Member Posts: 2
    Just a bump. Voting closes in 3 hours...

    thanks to all so far!
  • caterham7caterham7 Member Posts: 409
    Brickfinger said:

    7 might be a good one... ;-

    I'll vote for anything 7 related!
  • caterham7caterham7 Member Posts: 409

    Email received;

    "The announcement of the chosen design was held on Saturday,
    March 25th.

    Pippa Coom, Chair of
    the Waitemata Local Board, spoke about the bold Community-led design initiative
    the Board initiated that has enabled our work to date. And we were delighted to
    have Councilor Mike Lee announce the chosen designs.

    And, in ascending order,
    the chosen designs are:

    Motu Design

    Geoff Houtman and 

    The chosen design is:

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