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FS: LEGO Space and Pirates

FrequencyFrequency Member Posts: 74
Hello. I have a few loose LEGO sets for sale. Most of them are complete, unless noted, minus the extra parts after the build. Many of them have their instructions. They have been sitting in my parents' house for 20+ years and are a little dusty. Lots of great $5 sets. Prices do not include shipping. I'm located in the United States. Thank you!

6812 Grid Trekkor $5
6832 Supernova II $5
6878 Sub Orbital Guardian $10
6887 Allied Avenger $10
6988 Alpha Centauri Outpost $125 (With 3 extra Blacktron II mini figures)

6814 Ice Tunnelator $5
6834 Celestial Sled $5
6879 Blizzard Baron $10
6898 Ice Sat V $15
6973 Deep Freeze Defender $100
6983 Ice Station Odyssey $100
1704 Snow Plough $5(Missing Orange Light On Dish)
1711 Ice Planet Scooter $5

6705 Space Explorers $15

6939 Saucer Centurion $30
1843 Spyrius Ship $5

6265 Sabre Island $15
6259 Broadside's Brig $15
1492 Battle Cove $5
6247 Bounty Boat $10
6258 Smuggler's Shanty $15
6271 Imperial Flagship $100
6277 Imperial Trading Post $100 (Missing One Blue Base Plate; replaced with two halves. Missing one mini figure head replaced with a generic.)
6237 Pirates Plunder $5
6266 Cannon Cove $15
1713 Shipwrecked Pirate $5
6236 King Kahuka $5
6246 Crocodile Cage $10
6256 Island Catamaran $15
6264 Forbidden Cove $50
6263 Imperial Outpost $50
1729 Barnacle Bay Value Pack $15 (Missing Three Bricks)
6232 Skeleton Crew $5
6244 Armada Sentry $10


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