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Minifigs Collection improvement suggestions

ChrissyGlenChrissyGlen Member Posts: 9
I've just noticed for the first time today that the number of minifigs I own that is displayed at the top of now matches, for the first time, the total at the bottom of the mycollection/minifigs page. THe amounts not matching has bugged me for some time - so thank you :-)

While I'm here I thought I'd mention a couple of improvements to the mycollection/minifigs page that'd really help me.

1: Currently on the mycollection/minifigs page only categories that have minifigs that I have listed as 'owned' as shown. It'd be really great if categories that also have minifigs that I have listed as 'wanted' are also shown even if I don't own any in that category yet.

2: I now have an increasing number of minfigs that are listed on brickset but as they don't appear in any set I am unable to add them to mycollection/minifigs, for example - minifigs gen039, gen071 & gen076.  Weirdly, however, there are some that also don't appear in sets that I am able to list as 'owned' eg - gen033.

It'd be a really great help to have the ability to record that I own these minifigs and for them to show up in the minifig category pages.



  • HuwHuw Brickset Towers, Hampshire, UKAdministrator Posts: 7,019
    edited March 2017
    Until recently we ignored minifigs that are marked as 'different' in the BrickLink data we read. They could be marked as such if they are deleted from BrickLink, do not appear in set inventories yet, do not appear in a set at all, are stickered 'counterparts', might not actually exist, and so on.

    We no longer do this so you can search for, find, and mark as owned, figs such as and the others you note. 

    However they don't show up in lists such as as you rightly note, and at the moment that's deliberate, mainly because it would be undesirable for deleted and stickererd figs to be shown.

    Your point 1: is it this page to which you refer? 

    gen033 is odd in that is appears in a set inventory at BrickLink but because of the way it's been split into component parts it doesn't align with our set

    There's a link at the bottom of this page that points to a list of the 'different' figs:

  • ChrissyGlenChrissyGlen Member Posts: 9
    Hi Huw, thanks so much for responding. 

    Yes, mycollection/minifigs/table is the page I was referring to. 
    It'd be great if the categories that show there include categories where we have minifigs that we want even if we don't own any minifigs in that category yet.
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