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[UK] For Trade and Sale: Various Minifigures, Themed Parts and Accessories (with photos)

NesquikNesquik Member Posts: 29
edited February 2017 in Marketplace
Hi all,

I've got a few bits and pieces that I'm looking to trade and/or sell. Everything is negotiable, so if anything takes your fancy then feel free to PM me for further details or enquiries (including prices)!

(Note: where I put an 'x' and number in a bracket refers to the quantity)

What I'm selling/trading...

- Collectable Minifigure Series 9 'Policeman', with accessories (x5)

- Collectable Minifigure Series (various); Santa's Helper/Elf Boy, Paintballers (x2), Diner Lady, Scarecrow, Female Surfer, Santa Claus. Mint, with accessories as shown in photo below.

- 'Western' characters [1996-97], including bandits, Sheriff, Bank Clerk etc. No duplicates. Excellent condition, see photo below (x9)

- Thor and Lex Luthor. See photo below.

Bricks, Sets and Others
- Forest Ambush 70400: Appears to be complete including chest filled with treasure and weapons. See photo below.

- 'Western' parts [1996-97], including canons, barrels, timber-bricks etc. See photo below.

- Plate 4x3 with 4 studs down centre, Black [Collectible Minifigure plates] (x99)

- Various minifigure accessories and transparent 'rods'... See photo below.

What I'm looking for...

- Series 16 - Banana Suit Guy, Penguin Boy, Cute Little Devil, Hiker.
- Star Wars - Max Rebo, Princess Leia in Slave Outfit.

Thanks for looking :-)


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