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Non-Buyers Remorse

LordmoralLordmoral Puerto RicoMember Posts: 302
Hello how is your day going?
 After the enormous amount of people commenting in the "Buyers Remorse" post I decided to make the opposite this time: What set/s you regret not buying or being able to buy when they were first placed by Lego and you were forced to either wait for remakes or buying them in the aftermarket?

my list so far is this:
-Tie Bomber, Jabba Palace, Jabba Palace Gate, Twin Cloud Car, Anaking Speeder (two Tusken Raiders) (I was just a kid with no income at the time when I saw these sets on a store and thought I wanted them my dad didn't had the cash to buy them either individually or anytime);
-Republic Fighter Tank (I hadn't the cash neither and when I managed to save the vehicle was sold out (scalpels) now that I have the cash the new version seems smaller than the first one from what I hear);


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