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Selling Lego Collection in PA

Hi fellow AFOL's! I apologize beforehand for the length of this post, I want to give as much context as possible for the readers sake. I am a lifelong fan of Lego and recently (in the past few years) have gotten back into collecting and building MOC's. That being said, I find myself in need of a little extra cash to complete payment of my college tuition. Thus, my Lego collection has got to go! I came to this site because I found good information on selling Lego in bulk and would like to try selling my collection to local(ish) fans of Lego first. With a heavy heart I have accepted that I need to take a step back from my aspiring Lego building dreams so that I can finish paying my college bills. 

I consider myself a textbook AFOL luker (this is really my first interaction with the Lego community) I appreciate the art of building and creating with Legos, and would ideally like my collection to go to someone that would get good use out of it. At the same time I would like to try to avoid the EBay approach and sell to someone within reasonable driving distance. I understand that there are financial drawbacks to selling in bulk, and I am not looking for top dollar, just a fair price. 

Ok now to the fun stuff! My collection is essentially split into two halves; Legos sets from when I was a kid (late 90s-early 00's) and more recent sets (2013ish to current sets).

The boxes.The collection.

All of the New Sets  are %100 complete with all minifigs, instructions and boxes. (9490 is the exception) All sets are open box.

New Sets

75155 - U wing 

76021 - Guridans Milano Ship

75054 - ATAT

75048 - Rebels Phantom 

75053 - Rebels Ghost

75106 - Rebels Assault Carrier

75052 - Mos Eisley Cantina

75153 - Rogue One ATST

75102 - Poe's X-wing

75049 - Snowspeeder 

21302 - Big Bang Theory 

75115 - Poe Dameron Buildable Fig.

75133 - Rebel Battlepack

70818 - Lego Movie Double Decker Couch

75050 - B-wing

79116 - Ninja Turtles Big Rig Snow Getaway

9469 - Gandalf Arrives 

9473 - Mines of Moria 

9490 - Droid Escape* (box and instructions missing) 

75081 - T-16 Skyhopper

75036 - Utapau Troopers 

75082 - Jedi Interceptor 

9678 - Bespin Cloud Car

Micro fighters 

75076 - Republic Gunship

75031 - Tie Inceptor 

75032 - X-wing

75030 - Millennium Falcon 

75028 - Clone Turbo Tank

75074 - Snowspeeder  

75075 - ATAT

75072 - Arc 170

Also, I have a few minfigs from random series, including the Simpsons and White Boba Fett. (Can be seen in the pictures)

Ok now for a brief description of the Older Sets. 7181 UCS Tie Interceptor is the only set I can confirm has all of its pieces and instructions (no box). I know this because it is the crown jewel of my collection and I recently rebuilt it. That being said The rest of the Older Sets that will be listed have instructions (in varying conditions) but may not be complete. The pieces are well cared for and have been re-sorted into color designated bags (in attempt to organize my collection to make building easier.) You will find that, inevitably, some pieces might have disappeared over the years but the Older Sets essentially are a huge lot of parts (most) I would like to think are nearly complete, just way too much work to go and rebuild. I wanted to list the sets (that I have instructions for) so that the buyer might have a better idea of what they are getting.  

Older Sets

7130 - Snowspeeder 

8000 - Technic Pit Droid

7141 - Naboo Fighter

7121 - Naboo Swamp

7127 - Imperial ATST

7124 - Flash Speeder 

7110 - Landspeeder 

7128 - Speeder Bikes 

7104 - Desert Skiff

7146 - Tie Fighter 

7144 - Slave 1

7134 - A-Wing

7131 - Anakin's Podracer 

7111- Droid Fighter 

7166 - Imperial Shuttle 

7106 - Droid Escape 

7126 - Battledroid Carrier 

7180 - B-wing @ Rebel Control Center

7515 - Tie Fighter & Y Wing

7140 - X-wing

7312 - Life on Mars T-3 Trike

7311 - Life on Mars Red Planet Cruiser

7314 - Life on Mars Recon Mech.

7310 - Life on Mars Monojet

8501 - Throw Bots (ski)

8233/8239 - Blue Thunder against the Stinger

8226 - Mud Masher

8534 - Bionicle Tahu

8536 - Bionicle Kopaka

3409 - Championship challenge

6345 - Aerial Acrobats

6344 - Jet Speed Justice 

6340 - Hook and Ladder

6445 - Emergency Evac

6639 - Raven Racer 

6341 - Gas & Go Flyer 

6755 - Sheriffs Lockup 

1723 - Castle/Pirates Combi Pack

6261 - Raft Raiders 

6256 - Islander Catamaran 

6246 - Crocodile Cage

6259 - Broadsides Brig

5935 - Island Hopper 

5934 - Track Master

5921 - Research Glider

6579 - Ice surfer 

6573 - Arctic Expedition 

6520 - Mobile Outpost

6899 - Nebula Outpost 

6856 - Planetary Decoder   

6915 - Warp Wing Fighter 

6145/1728 - Crystal Crawler 

4950 - The Loader Dozer

4940 - Granite Grinder 

I would also throw in a nice stack of Lego Mania Magazine, the plastic storage containers seen in the pictures and any other Lego memorabilia have collected. 

I figured the more pictures the better and soon realized I can only have so many in a single post. Feel free to message me if you want more pictures and information, I am more than willing to provide that. I took pictures of the individual colored bags as well to show the diversity of the pieces, just wasn't able to post. Same goes for the UCS Tie Interceptor and the specs plate for it. The total weight of all the Old Sets is approximately 26.4 pounds. Other Highlights include over 200 minifigs, and some rare colors (a lot of the old dark grey).   

If anyone takes the time to read this post that may be uninterested in my meager collection but has some useful insight on selling Lego in bulk, any helpful tips would be greatly appreciated! Apologies if this post turns into a formatting nightmare, like I said it's my first. Thanks everyone and happy building! I will be checking back to see if there is any interest and will provide my personal email for further communication about the sale.



  • NJbuilderNJbuilder Member Posts: 4
    Hello, do you still have these items? I am looking to rebuild my collection now that I have a son.
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