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LEGO ornament exchange

georgebjonesgeorgebjones Member Posts: 224
edited December 2011 in Everything else LEGO
@Rocao suggested to our LUG a couple weeks back that we do a LEGO ornament exchange. It is like a white elephant, except the gifts are ornaments made from LEGO instead. I thought it was a great idea and so we are doing one in the Sacramento, CA area. Anyone here who is in the area and not part of SACBB, you are also invited. Let me know and I will give you directions.

But the main point of this topic is to see if anyone else is going to do this, and if so, I would love to see pictures of the ornaments. There is a great website run by Chris McVeigh which gives some instructions for the ornaments and to my surprise, there is not a lot out there on the web that I have found. Chris McVeigh's LEGO ornaments

I made a couple off his site and they are pretty neat. I also made a completely separate, original one, that I will post a picture of after our exchange so as not to ruin the surprise.

I would love to see this become a tradition in my area with my LUG and see it spread to the rest of the world.


  • JenniJenni Member Posts: 1,390
    That's an awesome idea. Thanks for the link, hopefully I can remember it at the appropriate time to order the parts for next year. Look forward to seeing your creation.
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