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Duplo vintage (30+ years) Midifig with different size buttons on head. One stacks, one not.

ChrisBBChrisBB Munich, GermanyMember Posts: 3
Hello experienced brickers.

My son turned two and my parents brought a huge bag of Duplos to the party. They were mine, which i had played with 30 years ago. My son and I were both very happy to see them. I had very fond memories of them all, especially the bell that came with the school-set. However, that bell was missing.
Noting my disappointment, my wife bought a used set from somewhere and now we got basically two schools, with one bell.

Now I noticed the following: I got two sets of Midifigs (is that the right word for the Duplo people?) and they got two diameters of the head-button. One set has the big button which wedges into the middle of any brick and other midifigs. All of my other midifigs are like this. And the other set has the smaller diameter button, like the ones on top of the normal bricks. The effect is, that these midifigs cannot build stacks or set into "walls". Just at the edge of other bricks, which looks kind of odd.

I wonder:
I have tried to search for this "anomaly" and have not found anything. My guess is, the school-set being very old in the first place, that the midifigs with the small, uncommon and rather unhandy buttons might be the very first of their kind and the ones with the big button are revision 2 fabrications. 
Could they small-buttoned ones even be rare or valuable?

I can provide fotos if that helps or is of any interest.
Chris :)


  • AllBrickAllBrick UKMember Posts: 1,424
    @ChrisBB - Hello.

    Yes please, a photo of both together would be helpful.
  • ChrisBBChrisBB Munich, GermanyMember Posts: 3
    edited January 2017
    Hi @AllBrick
    4 perfectly fine midifigs. two of them even twins from the said school-set i guess. i got another grandma (the teacher?) somewhere, but could not find it. midifigs are already small enough to be lost in the crags, but who am i talking to :)
    from left to right: small (strange), big (normal), small, big.

    edit: salutation. my manners!

  • CCCCCC UKMember Posts: 19,115
    I've seen both types before, I think 2 of the smaller ones in about 20 of figures (so rather a non-scientific analysis).

    > Could they small-buttoned ones even be rare or valuable?

    I doubt it. They aren't that rare, and these figures are worth pennies.
  • ChrisBBChrisBB Munich, GermanyMember Posts: 3
    Okay. Thanks.
    My thinking was that the first production run had the small button at the top and through feedback they learned that they should rather invent and add a big button to the middle, which happened from then on. making the ones with the small buttons like The First figs with added errors and super special. like that one blue stamp that also had an error on it.
    Maybe they will be worth something if we just convince enough people that they are special ;)
    in any case: they really confuse the heck out of my 2yo for not stacking properly with the other figs
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