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Lego Digital Designer Part Wrong [6151349: Design Shape W/ Tube, Crosshole]

So, there's a cool new curved tube part that's in a few sets and also in LDD. You're supposed to be able to make things like this:

According to this article on Brickset, you should be able to use standard 2M cross axles to connect them:

Looks great. However, in LDD, this doesn't work. The axle won't insert fully and you end up with a gap between the parts:

This is a major bummer. Any ideas on how this could be resolved or worked around? Thanks!


  • BumblepantsBumblepants Sofia BG/Dallas TXMember Posts: 5,554
    I suspect that it is the old design for that part in ldd from the '90s. The recent version is much improved for connection but I don't think they added it yet.
  • ziebeljeziebelje USAMember Posts: 3
    It's definitely in there and the part I'm using is the new one.

  • ziebeljeziebelje USAMember Posts: 3
    edited January 2017
    Well, I just figured out how to force the tubes to be next to each other. This will be a bit cumbersome but I believe it should work. They're not technically connected but oh well.

    If you connect one of them to a shaft you can move it along the shaft to butt it right up where you want it.
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