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(US - Cincinnati) FS - Star Wars + Grand Emporium: 75054, 75043, 10211, BNIB Factory sealed!

tedsaidtedsaid Member Posts: 23
Hi, all.  The eBay auction (see other post) is going strong!  Two are priced maybe just a little low, but two are WAY low ... might be a good deal there for someone.  I wish I knew about this site before I posted them!

Here is a factory-sealed Star Wars 75054 AT-AT Walker from the Empire Strikes Back.  I've seen reviews that say this is the BEST AT-AT of them all and it's a beautiful, retired set.  I don't know how particular folks are here about the boxes, but this one has no dents or tears, taped close (original tape), and only very minor corner scuffs.  In comic book parlance it is a NM.  I'm asking $269 + shipping.

Next is a factory-sealed Star Wars 75043 AT-AP.  This is a very cool, more affordable model.  The box is pristine - no dents or tears, but has the original tape - but does have one long, very shallow, non-color-breaking bend along the long side.  I would say this is NM-minus.  This one is $69 + shipping.

Finally, a factory-sealed 10211 Grand Emporium!  Wow - this is a big set  with 2182 pieces.  The box - because it's so big - has a few minor dents, but no rips or tears, but has the original tape.  Perhaps a VF-plus.  It will come in the original shipping box and packed well.  $279 + shipping.

Will accept PayPal, Google Wallet (I think - haven't tried yet), or Chase Quick Pay.  If you are in the Cincinnati area we can meet up to save on shipping.  Or, you know ... talk about Lego.  I have more pictures (and more sets!) so let me know if you want to see 'em.

Thanks, and happy building!! 


  • tedsaidtedsaid Member Posts: 23
    Hmmm ... I was looking at 'sold' listings on eBay, but it seems Brinklink has a better price on the AT-AT?  And maybe even a little bit better on the Grand Emporium. 

    I think I'll post these as a Buy it Now on eBay tonight.  That way, I can end it if anyone here becomes interested, but I'll still get the eyeballs from my four current auctions (which end Sunday night!) 

    And I'll reduce the prices a bit here, too.  There will still be a few sets lower at Brinklink, but I guess it depends on reputation and distance ... maybe some of those really cheap ones aren't truly factory sealed?  Not sure.  Anyway, just let me know if you are interested.  I'd rather sell to someone here than a random person on eBay.

    Here are the new prices:

    factory-sealed Star Wars 75054 AT-AT Walker: $259 + shipping

    factory-sealed 10211 Grand Emporium: $269 + shipping

    factory-sealed Star Wars 75043 AT-AP: $54 + shipping

    Thanks for looking!!
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