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Buy set or bulk build?

Mcook376Mcook376 Louisville, KYMember Posts: 3
I'm brand new to adult collecting. How do you determine if an older set is worth purchasing or if it is worth trying to build it out of bulk, or from a loose brick table at my local store?


  • DedgeckoDedgecko Seattle, WAMember Posts: 800
    Familiarize yourself with if you haven't already.  Otherwise, be smart about it, and like everything else in life, budget accordingly.
  • madforLEGOmadforLEGO Chicagoland USMember Posts: 9,863
    edited January 2017

    You can buy bulk from Craigslist or other venues (though eBay is really getting pricey with bulk lots IMO). You also have to worry about competitor brick in the lot, which means sorting them out (unless you do not care).

    -Bulk lots typically should be cleaned (even if they do not require it, IMO), as many are scummy or dusty at least.

    -Best bet is to watch for LEGO sets to go on sale, but I would say for the best deals wait until you can get the sets for at least 30% off (but ensure the RRP at the store you are buying from matches LEGO's RRP).

    -Watch sites like (typically best with a emailed coupon), (which typically has deals where you buy three of a set and get 20% off the entire order (up to a certain amount), amazon and typically retailers for deals -but check the RRP for these sets to what the stores 'retail' them for as sometimes they increase the RRP by 10-20%).

    -Watch Brickset, as many deals typically are mentioned in the forum or on the Brickset main page (plus if you use the links on the page it helps out the site as well)

    Unfortunately you likely missed the Black Friday deals last year, and the weekend before, where Target Walmart and Amazon all had a lot of sets for around 40% off.

    On Black Friday Walmart typically has a large Creator box for about 30 dollars, but they typically sell out fast online and in store.
  • Mcook376Mcook376 Louisville, KYMember Posts: 3
    Thanks for the responses guys. I have definitely been looking for sales when buying new sets. My recent purchases after Christmas were:

    Resistance X Wing- $54
    Turbo Tank- $79.99
    Millenium Falcon- $119

    I love the star wars sets. They put so much detail into them now. I'm mainly wanting to get all of the Jedi Starfighters and a lot of the clone vehicles.

    I have been searching a lot on Bricklink, and it been giving me a kind of pricing guide for when I visit my local Bricks and Minifigs store.
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