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Looking to sell or trade Mixels

bvkosterbvkoster Member Posts: 1
I have been collecting Mixels for a few months now and have been purchasing mostly misc. sets from eBay. This has left me with a few extra that I would like to trade. I may be interested in selling them as well, but like the idea of not having to exchange money. All of the extra sets I have are still sealed and unopened and I'd like to trade for the same condition. I'd also like to trade for as many as I can at one time to limit shipping costs. Please let me know what you have and I'll get back with you as soon as I can. Thanks!

S3 41520 Torts
S6 41552 Berp
S9 41572 Gobbol x2
S9 41573 Sweepz x2
S9 41574 Compax x2
S9 41575 Cobrax
S9 41576 Spinza
S9 41577 Mysto
S9 41578 Screeno
S9 41579 Camsta
S9 41580 Myke

S1 All
S2 41511, 41513, 41514, 41516, and 41517
S3 41519 and 41525
S4 41529, 41530, 41532, and 41534
S5 All except 41539
S6 41547, 41548, 41549, 41550, 41551, and 41553
S7 41554, 41557, and 41559
S8 All
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As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.