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Lego Sale, Polys, Sealed Sets, Galaxy Squad and Emerald Night, UK/London

monkey_roomonkey_roo Member Posts: 1,411
Ok, post Christmas clear out of sorts.
I would prefer to sell as one big lot (obviously) and have broken this pile into four separate photos as follows.

There is #10194 Emerald Night. To my knowledge the wig on the conductor is the wrong colour (should be ginger) and the three blue clips that should be in the mid section (as shown) are missing, all very common parts. Other than that I think she is in great condition, I bought this years ago and, built it and made one attempt to motorise and failed spectacularly so converted back and it has lived in a box ever since. The instructions are present and correct.

There are four sealed boxes #70816 Bennys spaceship, #7346  house, #79006 council of Elrond, #7956 Ewok Attack, all sealed all sat gathering dust and will never get built.

There is a Galaxy Squad bundle, boxed (the seals have come away but never 'opened') #70709 and loose #70707 and #70704 with instructions, as well as a bundle of other figures which are a mixture of space centric CMF's and one Polybag.

There are a bunch of sealed polybags, #30303, #30211, #5002941, #30212, #30213, #30602, #30210, Winter Soldier and Admiral Yularen and some strange Nexo Knights box and the target box (with Lightning Lad, Ninja, Diver and  Chima Chap).

Not really thought about the prices of things (I know people like a fixed price etc.) but I am happy to entertain offers or even trades, although I am only interested in sets that are just hitting the streets now, so not much scope. Obviously the train is a bit of a higher end set and a few of the Polys/target box are harder to come by, I think most of the sealed sets and galaxy squad bits are common enough.

I am in the UK, London and am happy to meet up if it can be worked out and is worth it and if a mass offer can be worked out I will happilyz cover shipping anywhere in the UK.

PM me with question, preferably offers :)
thanks loads



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As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.