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Minifig linked to set twice

CsaboCsabo Member Posts: 7
edited December 2011 in The Database
Hey Huw,

The minifig "pop006 Setam - Claw Hassansin" is linked to the set "7569-1: Desert Attack" twice by mistake. Should be trivial to correct. It would be great if you could correct this whenever you get a chance. I'm assuming that once it's done, the total minifig count for people who marked "I own X of this set" will automatically decrease.

Best regards,



  • HuwHuw Administrator Posts: 7,075
    Thanks, now sorted.
  • plasmodiumplasmodium Member Posts: 1,956
    On a similar note, the old Clone Turbo Tank from 2003 says it has both Mace Windu with a light up lightsaber and a standard Mace Windu. Is this because they re-released it with the non-light-up version after they realised it was a flop, or because it really did come with 2?
  • HuwHuw Administrator Posts: 7,075
    We should probably have two versions of the set in the database, one with light up and one without.

    I'll sort it later...
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