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FS :: EU->WW :: Minifigures & Sealed sets

urieluriel CroatiaMember Posts: 192

Lego Education 9387 Wheels Set - £30
Lego Exclusive 40145 Lego Store - £75
Lego 81087 Minifigure Speech Bubbles - £10

LEGO Technic lot: (have multipules)

42023 Construction Crew RETIRED
42024 Container Truck RETIRED

price: £120

LEGO Star Wars 75019 AT-TE boxed RETIRED (have multipules)
price: £125

Lego minifigures for sale! All are complete as in sets and like new (split from sets)
Lego Chima lot (16 minifigues & 4 faction flags) - £50

Lego Nexo lot (12 minifigures) - £40

Lego Harry Potter minifigures:
Hermione minifigure - £13 
Dobby minifigure - £13
Harry Potter (dark blue jacket) - £5
Harry Potter (sweater) - £6
Neville Longbottom - £15

Lego Hobbit minifigres:
Bain Son of Bad - £5
Bard the Bowman - £5 each
Gundabad Orc -£4

Lego Jurassic World minifigures set:
ACU Trooper, Dr Wu, Vet, zach = 1 set = £20 per set

Lego Scooby Doo minifigures set:
Black Knight, Ghost, Shaggy, Vampire, Scooby Doo = 1 set = £25 per set

Lego Alien Conquest minifigures lot:
7 minifigures: 2 green, 1 blue, 1 red trooper, 2 robots & 1 alien - £20

Lego Dino minifigures lot:
2 minifigures - £7

Lego Monster fighters minifigure lot:
Mummy and Zombie - £13

Lego Flying Dutchman - £8

Lego Racers Ferrari F. Massa - £12

Lego Minecraft Steve - £3

Lego Movie minifigure lot:
Emmets - £3
Robot Cowboys - £4
Executron - £3

all prices include (tracked) shipping from Croatia and Paypal fees.

Sets are sealed and new.

ask for combined or individual prices

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