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[US] FS Collectable Minifigures Series 15

BrickCreatorBrickCreator Member Posts: 137
Time to make room in the inventory for new sets. Therefore, I am clearing out my collection of series 15 collectable minifigures:

x1 Astronaut
x1 Ballerina
x1 Clumsy Guy
x1 Janitor
x2 Jewel Thief
x2 Kendo Fighter
x1 Laser Mech
x2 Wrestling Champion

I also have the following minifigures from the Disney Series:
x2 Mickey Mouse

I am asking $3.50 a piece plus shipping. I'll let them all go for $40 plus shipping. All of the figures were purchased new and are sealed except for Mickey Mouse (still in package, but bag was slit to verify contents). They were identified by feel, but can be opened to verify before sending. I'm not interested in trades at this point as I really just need the cash. PayPal gift works best... I have done a few trades in the forum and have lots of positive feedback on Bricklink as a seller and a buyer (both under BrickCreator).

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As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.