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when did lego have pat pending on bricks?

Hello, I got a huge job lot off eBay. And I've come across a few older bricks with pat pending inside(where the element number is now) as I'm still sorting through it all I've only found some white and a cool yellow colour. Any help would be great, as I would prefer to give them a good home and not just pit them with all the rest of my bricks



  • IstokgIstokg MichiganMember Posts: 2,270
    edited December 2016
    Pat. Pend. was first used in the late 1950s... and continued on to the early to mid 1970s. There is a version called "Pat. Pend. removed, where they changed the Pat. Pend. element moulds so that all you see is a "mound" where Pat. Pend. used to be.  These Pat. Pend. removed bricks were introduced in the mid 1970s (possibly earlier for some moulds).  There is a large amount of overlapping of both types, that giving exact dates for when one started and the other ended is virtually impossible.

    That cool shade of yellow bricks.... those are Cellulose Acetate bricks, which have lighter "lemon chiffon" colouration.  They were discontinued in 1963 in UK/AUS and Continental Europe when ABS plastic was introduced.  However yellow CA continued on until the end of the 1960 for USA/Canada sets.  I have always felt that the reason for the long usage of yellow Cellulose Acetate by Samsonite for USA and Canada was that Billund sent their leftover yellow CA pellets to Samsonite (yellow was the least used LEGO color in the late 1950s and early 1960s).

    This was just my own theory... but lately it was given added mileage when I found out that the the Samsonite LEGO pellet producer... (Marbon, a West Virginia subsidiary of Borg-Warner Corp.)... started out only producing red, white and blue plastic pellets for Samsonite in the early 1960s.
  • palmers9grbpalmers9grb ukMember Posts: 259
    Great thanks, very helpful.
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