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Troubleshooting Trains 7897 & 7939

riteohriteoh AustraliaMember Posts: 3
Hi all, Hope I'm posting to the right area. My son has 2 Lego Train sets, model numbers 7897 & 7939. Recently they have stopped working, and I'm trying to troubleshoot (with no luck) what part it is that has stopped working, so we can try and replace it. But where do I start?  Batteries was an obvious one, but all batteries (in both remote and train) have been replaced by new ones. As far as I can tell from the manuals, the 'working' parts are 4427073, 4100355 and remote 4289546 for set 7897 and 4584375,4566756,4578042 and remote 4584345 for set 7939. Do any of these parts have a history of 'breaking down' that require replacement, and would be the first part to replace?
Any help would be appreciated! Immensely!


  • SprinkleOtterSprinkleOtter Member Posts: 2,751
    Make sure the remote and receiver are on the same channel.
  • riteohriteoh AustraliaMember Posts: 3
    Hi - Thanks for the response. We've done more troubleshooting, new Duracell batteries. The battery boxes on both trains light up to indicate there is battery charge coming through - however no response from the remotes. I don't particularly want to pay for new remotes if these are not likely to be the problem. Any further advice?  Thanks!
  • luckyrussluckyruss UKMember Posts: 872
    The problem I've had with the train bases for #7897 (or #7898) is getting battery residue inside the battery compartment, which has disrupted the connection.  I managed to fix one but the other never seemed the same again, so in the end I replaced it.  However, that doesn't sound like what you have here as in that case there was no/ very intermittent battery power in the engine unit.
    As Sprinkleotter said - make sure the channels match on the remote and receiver. I'd also be trying different new batteries - from memory Duracell 'copper tops arent able to power trains due to the height of the positive terminal not allowing for a suitable circuit to be formed...
  • riteohriteoh AustraliaMember Posts: 3
    I have checked the channels numerous times. I will try one channel on both remote and receiver - when it doesn't work, change both to a new channel. I'll give new batteries a try in the next day or so, but have had success with these batteries before, so not sure that could be the issue.
  • SprinkleOtterSprinkleOtter Member Posts: 2,751
    Oh, I just got one of these train systems yesterday. The motor is plugged into the large white base piece, correct? I know my base piece does not seem to be working- maybe that is a common problem for them?
    Disregard my comment regarding batteries - it was early, and I made an assumption that you were using Power Functions and not RC. Applogies!
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