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tv commerical

there is a tv commerical running in the USA that shows a lego machine folding and flying a paper airplane. my question does any one know the designer, and or does any one have a better look at the entire machine. i would like to try and make my own moc if possible.


  • cheshirecatcheshirecat Member Posts: 5,332
    This one?

  • cheshirecatcheshirecat Member Posts: 5,332

  • bobabricksbobabricks Vancouver, BC, CanadaMember Posts: 1,842
    I have not seen the specific ad, though I've noticed some more adult-geared LEGO ads on channels other than the cartoon channel. I believe I actually saw it on AMC while watching Walking Dead. It was showing a little girl playing with her mom and building things for her hamster out of Lego. It was interesting as the only ads I had seen before are action packed cartoons of Ninjago or StarWars.
  • CCCCCC UKMember Posts: 20,310
    LEGO and hamsters ... the only thing I can think of worth building is a trebuchet.
  • omniumomnium Brickenham, UKMember Posts: 831
    It's LEGO, not LEGOs! :-D
  • omniumomnium Brickenham, UKMember Posts: 831
    I watched the video.  Amazing!  I can't quite get my head around Technic, although I really want to.  I guess I need to build some more sets to get a better feel for it.
    But the one thing that really bugs me, as a computer programmer, is the Mindstorm software.  I don't see how anyone can get their head around that and make it do something sensible!!
  • akunthitaakunthita USAMember Posts: 1,038
    The designer of the plane is Brazilian LEGO fan Arthur Sacek. I wrote an article about him some time back with some behind-the-scenes footage of how the plane was made: His website is, and he also has a YouTube channel:    
  • wagnerml2wagnerml2 Belleville, IllinoisMember Posts: 1,376
    There is another great one running in the US aimed at Dads and building with their kids.  Really cool.
  • astarguyastarguy Member Posts: 40
    thanks akunthita, you provided just what i was looking for. if it wasn't so late i would check it out now but i need sleep so i will do it tomorrow.
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