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New part of the Bebricton City - Octan Racing

RogdushRogdush PolandMember Posts: 18

I invite you to check out my latest, ninth part of the Bebricton City. I am presenting mid 90s of Lego classic this time. The train and railway station is from mid 80s, but most of the sets are still from 90s. You can see a race lap build at the ground level with railway placed on the second level. It connects to the north with Bebricton Paradise scenery, which I was presenting couple of months ago.

Feel free to check out more images at the link below. Let me know what you think about this scenery. Thanks!



  • mr_bennmr_benn United KingdomMember Posts: 895
    This is brilliant.  It really reminds me of the sorts of scenes that you used to see in the catalogues!  My only tiny disappointment is that the trains can't run on a loop :)
  • RogdushRogdush PolandMember Posts: 18
    Thanks. The lack of loop is intentional here :) The idea is to connect the tracks with other parts of Bebricton city. Those parts are not created yet, but I have some ideas and I will make them sooner or later :) The same idea has been used in the lower parts of the Bebricton like the center connected with leisure area through wild forest.
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