(UK) various star wars, hobbit & more

nexandernexander Glasgow Member Posts: 881

Clearing out most of my unbuilt boxed sets to focus on mocs etc. Everything bnib with some shelf wear except where stated. I have pics Delivery at cost but will be going to the Edinburgh meet up if anyone going wants anything.

#75017 Duel on Genesis

#21027 Berlin

#79018 Lonely Mountain (seals came unsealed in storage but everything checked)

#79017 Battle of Five Armies

#79016 Attack on Lake Town

#75054 AT-AT (box sealed but bit bashed)

#75049 Snowspeeder (box sealed but bit crushed)

#70815 super secret dropship

#75046 coruscant police gunship

#60025 grand prix truck

#41515 s2 mixel craw

#41514 s2 mixel jaw

#41594 s4 vampos


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