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2017 New Sets - Release Dates

DangermouseDangermouse Member Posts: 17
I collect minifigures and struggle each year to know what set is being released and what time in the year. 

Is there any release timetable for 2017 on Brickset or anywhere on the web?

It would really help me plan when I buy. 



  • AanchirAanchir Member Posts: 3,037
    All I know for sure so far is what's been in press releases. So, #41230, #41231, and #41232 from DC Super Hero Girls, and #70901, #70905, #70906, and #70909 from The LEGO Batman Movie are November 27th releases in North America. The rest of the sets we've seen from those themes launch January 1st. For other countries, I believe all the sets from both those themes are scheduled to launch January 1st.

    I haven't seen any confirmation about release dates for other themes.
  • iplanteiplante Member Posts: 164
    TRU in Minnetonka, MN had some Creator and City 2017 sets out yesterday. I purchased the Green racer
  • PaperballparkPaperballpark Member Posts: 4,268
    The 2017 sets will be released in 2017.

    Except the ones which will be released in 2016.
  • krankkrank Member Posts: 26
    Yeah I saw the Lego Batman Movie sets in Target store on Nov 25, I wasn't there in days before that but probably were there on 24th too.
  • iplanteiplante Member Posts: 164
    Lego store at MOA had Creator and City sets as well. I didn't recognize some Technic sets but I don't closely follow that theme. 
  • MegtheCatMegtheCat Member Posts: 500
    I just received an email from Lego advertising all of the newly released sets, including some City, Creator, Juniors, and of course the Batman Movie & DC Super Hero Girls.
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