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What's your LEGO 'status' today?



  • samiam391samiam391 Member Posts: 4,492

    Disappointed and kicking myself. Purchased a few Friends sets on eBay advertised as complete. Turns out - far from complete! I've been having a really good run on eBay too, so I left positive feedback before putting the sets together. Total mistake, should have known better, especially when the shipping charge was double what it should have been :(

    @khmellymel- I would give eBay a call. Even if you already left feedback, if the item arrives not as described you should still be able to open a case.

    A quick call to eBay, explaining the situation in the fact that the sets are missing pieces and you hastily left feedback before receiving the item (evidence by the date on the feedback) should be enough to convince an eBay rep. If it doesn't, ask to speak to someone higher up and they can usually take care of it for you if you persist. :o)
  • SuperTrampSuperTramp Member Posts: 1,021
    Before making a claim get in touch with the seller and ask if the missing pieces are lying around somewhere. that fails make a claim with Paypal for a partial refund to whatever the missing pieces amounts to. Doesn't matter to Paypal if you have left feedback or not. your well within your right to return it anyway.
  • FrictionPinFrictionPin Member Posts: 144
    Ventured into Walmart today found newly stocked items on the shelves. Picked up #40126 Sunshine Harvest, #40135 Juice Bar, and #76012 Riddler chase. WOOT!

    Got back to my office and my wife asked me to pickup candy canes when I made my store run....okay I said, so after work I went back. My hopes was that they might have the Mountain Hut but nope. Almost ready to leave I decided to look behind all the sets on the shelves and found #31010 Tree House which I've wanted for a while but have never seen it in my store. Found two of those and grabbed the candy canes, what a great day!! I take back all the bad things I had to say about how slow they are to add new items to the shelves at my Walmart. Lots of building tonight!!
  • LegoboyLegoboy Member Posts: 8,827
    edited December 2013
    Well, Santa does exist.

    Was chatting with one of my fellow Bricksetters last week. It revealed that off their own back they'd decided to send another Secret Santa present and at a complete surprise to the recipient. Santa knew just how happy it would make somebody this Christmas.

    I learnt today that Santa delivered his package today. I am desperate to hear the recipient's response when she finds out - it's a really sought after LEGO set too. It's been sent completely anonymously so the 'Santa' is unlikely to ever receive any recognition for their act.

    I am so moved by Santa's act of kindness I needed to share it.
  • LegoboyLegoboy Member Posts: 8,827
    Legoboy said:

    I am desperate to hear the recipient's response when she finds out - it's a really sought after LEGO set too.

    It seems the wait is over. :-)
    jadedanc said:

    Got my package today. Thank you to my Secret Santa in Kentucky!! I received a complete set of the SW Planet Series 4!!!! Thank you thank you!!!!

  • Peter1975Peter1975 Member Posts: 166
    Trying to find out how to place just a picture here.... When I use the button ïmage" I get a small square with nothing in it, when I use URL, I got a long code in my comment. Can anyone explain in plain Englisch what to do. I use a 'photobucket' on line for pictures.
  • MatthewMatthew Administrator Posts: 3,714
    edited December 2013
    @Peter1975 I think the issue is that (when using the image icon in the comment editor) you were putting in the URL of the page with the image, rather that the image URL. There are two ways to get that, either right click on the image and choose 'Copy image URL' (in Chrome - similar in others or open image in new tab then copy page URL) or photobucket has a handy link on the right hand side. You want the 'direct' option from the 'Links to share this photo'.

    Photobucket actually gives you the code to embed the image directly in your post, just copy and paste the HTML option from 'Links to share this photo' into your comment on Brickset.
  • Peter1975Peter1975 Member Posts: 166
    @Matthew, thank you very much! I think it works, see my X-mas example:

    photo 2013-12-09175155_zpsf8aadf6f.jpg
  • LegoMom1LegoMom1 Member Posts: 651
    ^ @Peter1975- I'm viewing via my semi smart phone right now, so the image is small, but it looks really nice. Can't wait to view on my laptop. The lights are great.
  • Peter1975Peter1975 Member Posts: 166
    @LegoMom1: Thanks, I've uploaded a video by "What are you building right now". Check it out.
  • Big_Blue_WinkyBig_Blue_Winky Member Posts: 181
    Decided to dig out my safely stored Lego, was put away whilst work was done to our residence and then it was a case of finding the time to dig it out, a half day off work is the time off I needed.
  • margotmargot Member Posts: 2,308
    Oh yeah....
  • LegoMom1LegoMom1 Member Posts: 651
    ^ @margot-I'm drooling over that one. Enjoy!
  • rancorbaitrancorbait Member Posts: 1,842
    ^ Literally? ;-)

    @Margot where did you get it? Or would you rather not say?... ;-)
  • margotmargot Member Posts: 2,308
    edited December 2013
    @rancorbait, I had a friend hunting in Hong Kong and another friend in Singapore. Basically the set is sold out everywhere, except there was one left at the RipOFF shop in Hong Kong. :-) I had to pay more than double, but when I checked ebay prices it almost seemed a bargain. I might be able to pick some more up later and hopefully recoup the extra I spent, but a bird in the hand....

  • Big_Blue_WinkyBig_Blue_Winky Member Posts: 181
    Ok may not be much but I'm very pleased to have one of the first #60053 in the country, before Lego have even made it available on their site to is mere mortals.
  • Steve_J_OMSteve_J_OM Member Posts: 995
    Built the Winter Village Market last night. I love it; I think it's a refreshing build, not having a 'building' in the traditional sense. That carousel is beautiful, worth the price alone.

    The village is now all set up in the living room, looking forward to getting the camera out in a while.
  • tabissettetabissette Member Posts: 19
    I really want that crocodile legend beast!
  • LegoboyLegoboy Member Posts: 8,827
    Attended my staff Christmas party on Friday night. A very very heavy night but some details are just starting to find their way back to me...

    Towards the beginning of the evening there was a bit of a quiz around the tables to warm us up. With 200+ attending, the compaire over the microphone asked the following question:-

    "What is James ****'s favourite pastime? Is it a. LEGO or b. ??????"
    [I didn't actually hear what 'b' was]

    I died. I did. For a few moments my heart stopped beating. Right up until the point we discovered a hairy-arsed Construction Director's favourite pastime was baking cakes.
  • LegoMom1LegoMom1 Member Posts: 651
    ^Your secret is out, There's nowhere to hide now Legoboy!
  • carlqcarlq Member Posts: 792
    Never mind being outed as an AFOL, @Legoboy, the most worrying part of that story is...exactly how did you discover your Construction Director has a (cough) hairy botty? ;-))
  • LegoboyLegoboy Member Posts: 8,827
    @Carla - He's a builder. It's a given! ;-)
  • LegoMom1LegoMom1 Member Posts: 651
    ^But the question now- is he hairier than our beloved Hairy Fairy? :)
  • rancorbaitrancorbait Member Posts: 1,842
    ^^ @Carla? Lol!
  • carlqcarlq Member Posts: 792
    ^^^ @Carla?!? Now that's a completely different kind of "outing"...8-}
  • SirKevbagsSirKevbags Member Posts: 4,027
    I've had a trim. Need to look smart for Santa!
  • LegobutterflyLegobutterfly Member Posts: 488
    @Legoboy There is such a thing as manscaping and even builders are allowed to do it too, true story. :-)
  • LegobutterflyLegobutterfly Member Posts: 488
    Has finally finished wrapping all the LEGO for Christmas!!! Now I can start building stuff in my little build pile, woo hoo!
  • LegoboyLegoboy Member Posts: 8,827
    @Legobutterfly - Saw your group busy busy with the wrapping yesterday as it happens. Which one's you?

  • LegobutterflyLegobutterfly Member Posts: 488
    @Legoboy, you are always the comedian aren't you?! Well haha!

    Quite obviously none of those people are me, as I have already stated I am North Pole based, duh!

    And furthermore, I would NEVER have a doughnut in hand whilst on wrapping duty in case of putting grease stains or sugar on the gifts or paper!!! Amateurs, phffft.
  • TheOneVeyronianTheOneVeyronian Member Posts: 1,372
    As for me, my LEGO status today is: I've been getting into the festive spirit too, albeit in a slightly weird way, by putting a LEGO Star Wars festive Christmas party scenario into my #9516. Hey, why not? For your own enjoyment, here it is:
  • Wil348Wil348 Member Posts: 240
    Just found out that there's a flagship LEGO Store opening in Bordeaux! Only two hours away!
  • JenniJenni Member Posts: 1,390
    @wil348 When?! You can't just throw out half the information like that :)
  • Wil348Wil348 Member Posts: 240
    Jenni said:

    @wil348 When?! You can't just throw out half the information like that :)

    I posted a thread about it in Shopping Elsewhere. It's opening in 2015.
  • JenniJenni Member Posts: 1,390
    @wil348 Sorry! A new thread there is so rare I don't tend to look.
  • margotmargot Member Posts: 2,308
    Creating new TFOLs and AFOLs (and KFOLs) by giving out lots of Lego gifts. All my neighbors are getting some form of Lego in addition to wine and other goodies!
  • Thanos75Thanos75 Member Posts: 1,120
    So I got to do Christmas morning with my little ones today...and despite all of the great toys and LEGO sets they got the one they are having the most fun with is......the big blue bag the giraffe from amazon came in. Its so big that me { i'm 6'3'' 250lbs} and both of my kids can get in it and strong enough that I can swing them around in it....go figure.
  • LegobutterflyLegobutterfly Member Posts: 488
    Would like to wish one and all a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful LEO filled new year :-)

    LEGO seems to be the main thing under our tree this year so I predict lots of building over the coming days and weeks, woo hoo!!!
  • LegoboyLegoboy Member Posts: 8,827
    02:29. He's been. He's been. :-D
  • dragonhawkdragonhawk Member Posts: 633
    Santa just dropped off a #70010 the Lion Chi Temple for my almost 7 year old. One happy little boy on the 25th. Checked.
  • LegopantsLegopants Member Posts: 2,097
    edited December 2013
    Merry Christmas everyone!!! :-)

    You get your Christmas prezzies on Christmas Eve here in Germany. Still find it a bit weird even after 21 years living here - it's just not right :-D
    Anyway, well chuffed - got #6860 Batcave from Mrs Legopants and the LotR Black Gate set from the mother-in-law :-)
  • orodesorodes Member Posts: 95
    Merry Christmas everyone, hope everyone gets what they wanted.

    #10224 and #10230 for me :)
  • Wil348Wil348 Member Posts: 240
    Merry Christmas everyone!

    Santa dropped me a Republic Gunship and theEwok Village, and some other non-LEGO things.
  • LegobutterflyLegobutterfly Member Posts: 488

    Would like to wish one and all a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful LEO filled new year :-)

    LEGO seems to be the main thing under our tree this year so I predict lots of building over the coming days and weeks, woo hoo!!!

    LEGO filled new year even! Unless anyone would like a LEO filled new year and if so, I hope he is nice to you!
  • Penkid11Penkid11 Member Posts: 788
    Merry Christmas everyone!
    Got a couple of the smaller Ninjago Rebooted sets for Christmas as well as the Minifigure Visual History book. All of you that worked and contributed to the latter did a fantastic job!
  • CapnRex101CapnRex101 Administrator Posts: 2,364
    Well I have quite a collection of presents:

    #79010 Goblin King Battle
    #79012 Mirkwood Elf Army
    #79014 Dol Guldur Battle
    #75024 HH-87 Starhopper

    Thanks to my Secret Santa for the following two sets as well, which are great, particularly since I did not provide a wish list! :o)

    #70501 Warrior Bike
    #30270 Kraang's Turtle Target Practice

    I am very pleased with that, but even more, I received some money which will be spent on the new LEGO Star Wars sets (which are coming out tomorrow in theory). Then, on the 29th it is my birthday so there may yet be more to come! :o)
  • JosephJoseph Member Posts: 629
    I just picked up a Lego present and identified it by set number before unwrapping. I'm told that it might be time for a new hobby. ;-)
  • BrikingBriking Member Posts: 768
    My CFOL had a nice collection, but sadly, herself had not managed to interpret my wishes. Not to worry. I've bought quite a few sets for re-sale that thye CFOL refers to as "the stash", so I know where to get my stuff...

    Less chance of ever becoming a reseller I suppose.

    Merry Xmas!!
  • AFFOL_Shellz_BellzAFFOL_Shellz_Bellz Member Posts: 1,263
    Santa's bag must have been really full of Lego before he got to our house because he dumped a load of Lego at our house! From vintage sets, to the technic 4x4 crawler #9398, to the Friends autumn sets, there are two very happy Lego fans in our house. The resident cat has taken over an empty shoe box that was used for an oddly shaped gift for our daughter's gift.
  • LegoMom1LegoMom1 Member Posts: 651
    Just wrapping an all too well hidden gift that was purchased a few months ago for my son. The much coveted (at least in our house) Robi House. Whoa, is that set heavy. Could barely drag it out from under its hidding spot in the back of the closet behind all the empty red herring boxes.
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