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What's your LEGO 'status' today?



  • MorkManMorkMan Member Posts: 919
    Oh! More! I am about to get my Chase McCain in the mail! All of this because I found brickset one day. Thanks Bricksetters!
  • givmellisgivmellis Member Posts: 23
    Very happy...visiting London from Australia for the week and picked up 7937 - train station and 5891 - apple tree house for a decent discount. And neither of them have been available in aus for a while (that I have seen). Yay!
  • LegopantsLegopants Member Posts: 2,097
    Just ordered 79003 Bag End off for £45 (€55) :-) Won't be able to get my hands on it until I pick it up from the folks after Christmas, but considering the German RRP of €80 and the cheapest I've so far managed to find it in Germany (€70), I think I've got a bargain!

    Thanks @LostInTranslation for pointing it out :-)
  • beegeedeebeegeedee Member Posts: 380
    Put a desk in our loft for my Lego building. Problem is that it's not walled/insulated so in the winter it's cold and summer it's hot.

    It's also dark and there's no mains up there. Can anyone recommend good lighting that works on batteries?
  • PicopiratePicopirate Member Posts: 325
    I just got delivery notification for the #79003 (Unexpected Gathering) and #10225 (R2D2) sets that I ordered last week. I think I just came down with deliveryitus and my have to go home early.
  • sheppshepp Member Posts: 13
    edited December 2012
    "Blaaaaaaaarg. Misplaced a box when I moved in spring. Can't find half my instructions. And I was stupid to just dump all my sets unassembled and loose in a big giant plastic bin."
  • legonut80legonut80 Member Posts: 314
    Wrapping up Birthday presents for my youngest little boy who will be 2 tomorrow, nearly all of it is Duplo, he's going to love Mack's Truck, creative cakes and the train bridge. Just hope I have enough wrapping paper with all the big boxes. I'm so excited to play with it all as well :)
  • RomanticWarriorRomanticWarrior Member Posts: 248
    Getting antsy about waiting for Christmas LEGO (and Arkham). Helping my kids open and build their advent calendars is keeping me from absolutely losing it.
  • sheppshepp Member Posts: 13
    "So my dog likes to eat Lego pieces. I bet those'll hurt coming out."
  • Si_UKNZSi_UKNZ Member Posts: 4,179
    edited December 2012
    Legoboy said:

    Best get those 2013 Friends sets preordered. :-)

    Dont tempt me, you know what Im like! Still have about 10 sets tucked away for my son to open in 10 years time.

    Think my daughter will be about ready for friends in 2020 ... wonder what the series will look like then ...

  • BastaBasta Member Posts: 1,259
    Purchased the #10216 Winter Village Bakery today and started building tonight, so far i'm impressed with it (as I am with all #10xxx sets I have built).

    I love the #10xxx sets :)
  • caperberrycaperberry Member Posts: 2,226
    This is not a Lego status, but is at least a Danish construction toy status - I was given some Plus Plus, they're quite addictive and seem to keep kids very quiet as well. Naturally they are not as good as Lego :) but would be a good intro to construction for 3-4 year olds.

    The big advantage is that there are no pieces to find... they're all exactly the same!
  • SherlockbonesSherlockbones Member Posts: 411
    The battle of endor I was supposed to be getting, after waiting a bit she replied saying that by the looks of thigns many bits were missing, if it's still there I will get the 7659
  • aimlesspursuitsaimlesspursuits Member Posts: 207
    Picked up some of the new Galaxy Squad sets, Space Swarmer #70700, Swarm Interceptor #70701 and Vermin Vaporizer #70704. Put together the Swarmer already and currently working on the Interceptor. Very nice builds and quite a few new parts.
  • Brick_ObsessionBrick_Obsession Member Posts: 656
    My Cloud City Boba Fett and Market Street showed up today. Happier than a pig in a sty. Early X-mas presents to myself.
  • AFFOL_Shellz_BellzAFFOL_Shellz_Bellz Member Posts: 1,263
    Was excited to receive a surprise package in the mail today from @greekmick and immediately hubby built the #7242 Street Sweeper while I sent a message to Greekmick.
  • VenunderVenunder Member Posts: 2,668
    I had fun building my Lego Tree from Attack of the Wargs79002 today.
    I now have two new pet doggies. :) Much better than the Friends puppy. :)
  • BuriedinBricksBuriedinBricks Member Posts: 1,367
    First family holiday part of the season. In-laws gave me a copy of #21004 (Solomon Guggenheim Museum). I'm not a big fan of the Architecture sets and was thinking "return," until I noticed the box is actually signed in silver on the front by the set designer. Probably staying in the collection now.
  • ErnstErnst Member Posts: 133
    Just finished the Winter Village Bakery, a wonderfull set.
  • JBricks27JBricks27 Member Posts: 678
    Finally completed my CMF series 1-8 collection aaaaaaand..... Series 9 is out. Well, looks like I've got some plastic bags to grope! Lolz
  • Si_UKNZSi_UKNZ Member Posts: 4,179
    edited December 2012
    Layed out all my Lego trains and realised that (a) I used up almost all of my straight track just for the sidings and (b) I need a bigger floor.

    Oh, and they look weird together.
  • prevereprevere Member Posts: 2,923
    Plates sorting...20 pounds worth...4x's first then 2x's, yada, yada, yada.
  • Peter1975Peter1975 Member Posts: 166
    Waiting for the set 3053 Emperor's Stronghold from 1999, wich I recentley bought on eBay. Hope it'll arrive today.
  • adello25adello25 Member Posts: 361
    Started working on my extended Town Hall. I will be getting a 2nd for Christmas and just like I did with the Grand Emporium and the Fire Brigade, I will be combining them; this time 1 huge Town Hall on 2 32x32 baseplates.
  • stegmancostegmanco Member Posts: 42
    Just opened up a lovely secret santa gift at work the 30009 christmas tree, didn't realize it was worth more in the bag, but my computer likes the decoration.
  • Denver_80203Denver_80203 Member Posts: 9
  • Peter1975Peter1975 Member Posts: 166
    Still waiting for my image,
  • Si_UKNZSi_UKNZ Member Posts: 4,179
    ^ sent your photos off to the developers?
  • BrikingBriking Member Posts: 768
    Latest PAB shipment sent from Poland this morning. Bricks not available on PAB ordered as replacement parts a couple of days ago... Could the GG modified building be finished this year? :-))
  • LegobrandonCPLegobrandonCP Member Posts: 1,917
    edited December 2012
    All IKEA picture frames were 50% off this week so I picked up a couple to display my CMF's.

    And apparently there are dark red (FB, Christmas Mini set 2011) 1x2's on the PAB wall so I might get a small cup of those. :)
  • PhoneboothPhonebooth Member Posts: 1,430
    Cracked tower bridge open last night. I love vacation.
  • RomanticWarriorRomanticWarrior Member Posts: 248
    Due to some really crappy life events (and feeling down about having a really sick mother) the past couple of weeks, I did some therapuetic LEGO shopping. Naughty of me to be doing it so close to Christmas ;)
  • BumblepantsBumblepants Member Posts: 7,730
    Just got my Lamborghini Polizia set from the Chowren Toys offer awhile back imported to Cameroon via my sister who came for the Holidays! I am so excited, haven't had anything substantial to build in about 5 months
  • krklintkrklint Member Posts: 502
    Purchased a collection of 1995-98 Lego sets, from a buddy's mom who is clearing out her attic, and I am enjoying the process of building them...

    It is so much fun to build these pre-corporate brand (Disney, SW, etc) sets. So much fun, and so much similarity to the new Galaxy Squad sets, too ;)
  • SherlockbonesSherlockbones Member Posts: 411
    I now will not get my shuttle until the new year :(
  • piratemania7piratemania7 Member Posts: 2,146
    organizing baseplates and dissassembling Kingdom's Joust to make room for Hobbit. Also thinking about where to display my Maersk train...
  • CupIsHalfEmptyCupIsHalfEmpty Member Posts: 545
    Just picked up a small used lego lot. Found a near complete, working but well used, #127 train. Sets were much simpler in 1972.
  • piratemania7piratemania7 Member Posts: 2,146
    organizing baseplates and dissassembling Kingdom's Joust to make room for Hobbit. Also thinking about where to display my Maersk train...
  • JenniJenni Member Posts: 1,390
    Heard this morning "there's no saddle till bag 2? Well that's dumb" and later "that's a very interesting way to do the fire". That's my 8-year-old critically assessing TLG's performance. She's a fun one.
  • Penkid11Penkid11 Member Posts: 788
    Just cleaned of the few display shelves I have. Will be making room for next year, but by the looks of it I still won't have enough room. Do I care? Who does!
  • TheBigLegoskiTheBigLegoski Member Posts: 1,437
    edited December 2012
    Just finished building #4195-1 Queen Anne's Revenge. I had to scour pretty much all places in the city where I live last week in order to find this PotC set. I am so glad I still managed to get it. It looks beautiful next to my Imperial Flagship. It is almost just as big as #10210-1 , and I already had run out of room to put and display all the Lego I have collected.

    My house is in total disarray, it is completely littered with Lego, I am in a state of utter ABS mayhem! I really need to get sorted, I need to start working on some kind of system for storing and sorting all my Lego. Other then that I am feeling pretty good.
  • TheBigLegoskiTheBigLegoski Member Posts: 1,437
    I don't get it? Why don't these links of mine in my previous post on this thread open up another tab displaying the set I am referring to?! but instead a search query where the set is mentioned in some other topics on the forum?!
  • JenniJenni Member Posts: 1,390
    ^ are you on your phone? It generally works on my computer but does the search on my phone.
  • JosephJoseph Member Posts: 629
    edited December 2012
    ^^ The links work fine, you typically just need to refresh the page after posting (it's just a side effect of how the code is implemented). You also don't need the "-1" in the end, but it works either way.
  • MatthewMatthew Administrator Posts: 3,714
    edited December 2012
    ^^^ The script that converts the number to a set search on the main site only comes into effect after the page has been refreshed. The links are working now.
  • TheBigLegoskiTheBigLegoski Member Posts: 1,437
    ^ Aha, I see!
    I guess I was just impatient, even though I had already refreshed the page.
    Any way, thank you very much for the info.
  • sidersddsidersdd Member Posts: 2,432
    Bought a couple of the Chima sets today at Kmart. I wasn't going to get them, but my parents wanted to get something for the grandkids for Xmas which they really, really want and would be excited about. So, I bought #70002 and #70004 for them to give the grandkids. They'll be doing the happy dance for sure. Which will make my parents happy. Which will make me happy.
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