FT: Any Combination of the following for a sealed white Boba Fett Polybag

rampantsullyrampantsully The Emirates Stadium Member Posts: 76
Anyone interested in swapping any combination (within reason) of the following for a Sealed White Boba Fett Polybag.

Polybags (All Sealed)

Red Arm C3PO
Winter Soldier
Good Morning Bilbo Baggins
30212 (not sure what its called) The Hobbit
Admiral Yularen
Stormtrooper Sergent
Tonto - The Lone Ranger
The Lone Ranger

Sets (Sealed)

79016 - Attack on Lake Town
79015 - Witch King Battle
79017 - The Battle of the Five Armies
79000 - Riddles for the King
76002 - Superman Metropollis Showdown (box not mint)
76014 - Spider-Trike vs Electro (box not mint)

Sets (Opened, no Minifigures)

79108 - Stagecoach Escape
79109 - Colby City Showdown
79110 - Silver Mine Shootout

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