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FS - 9580 Lego Education Pack / 9689 (x2) / Junior First Lego League Base Set

Habitant99Habitant99 FloridaMember Posts: 99
Hi Everyone!

I thought about listing these on eBay and then thought this might be a better venue.

We purchased these for our Jr FLL team, and we're moving and the new school already has them.  These include 9580, 2 sets of 9689, the Lego WeDo software, teaching guides, and the Lego League Base Set & Robotics Set.  Total piece count is around 1,600.  This is basically everything you would need to get started.  Teaches basic robotic concepts and simple programming to control your robot.  Great option for schools or after-school Lego groups. 

These were used once per week for around 12 weeks, so they show minimal wear & tear (but typical handling).  Drop me a note if you want to discuss them.

We paid $445 for the sets, looking to get something in that range but willing to discount for schools / educational   groups. 



  • Habitant99Habitant99 FloridaMember Posts: 99
    Bumping this up and - based on the overwhelming lack of demand - dropping the price to $250 plus shipping. 
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As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.