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Large amount of Lego for sale in LONDON

herrKherrK Member Posts: 29
Hi all.

I have some Lego sets to sell in London. Good prices, Nice looked after sets and large choice of MISB. 
I am parting with my collection to fund my education and grow my own business, so it is a genuine reason for selling and NOT profit making! saying that I will not accept ridiculous prices.  At first I am releasing most precious sets being the CORE of my collection and then I'll add small and recent sets...

OFFERS you make must be in line with current value. I won't rip you off, but please don't try to buy for pennies...

Here's just the beginning of the list (I will add more with time):

1. Lego 8909 Team GB!!!! NEW - 51 minifigures in total (with only 7 being opened and further 6 unopened but identified)

2. Lego 10212 Brand new and sealed. Some minor shelf wear to the box. 

3. Lego 10182, 10185, 10197, 10211, 10218, 10224, 10232, 10243 (Cafe Corner, Town Hall, Pet Shop are MISB)
    I am happy to sell as ONE lot, or sell individually but will start with latest sets and 10182 will be the last one to go...

4. Lego 41999 x2 MISB

5. LEGO 9492 MISB

Please ask me about Emerald Night, Metroliners (4558/10001, 4547/10002), Holiday train, Hobby train, Maersk... Large choice of 9V era sets including supplementary sets and 4551, 4563 BOX ONLY, 4564, 4512 with extra carriages!!!, 

Good choice of PowerFunctions (extension cables, lights, motors) available for lower price than at Lego store... 

Quite happy to give discount if you spend over 2k .... that's when negotiation starts really :D

Get in touch!


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As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.